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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Ana Margarida Martins

Lecturer in Portuguese Studies at the University of Exeter from 1 September 2013. Formerly, 2010 to 2013, Teaching Associate in Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge, UK.
Spanish & Portuguese
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
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Ana Margarida's research interests lie in postcolonial, feminist and cultural studies in Portuguese-speaking contexts. She is the author of Magic Stones and Flying Snakes: Gender and the Postcolonial Exotic in the work of Paulina Chiziane and Lídia Jorge (Peter Lang 2012, forthcoming). She is currently working on two different projects: 'Postcolonial art and Literature in the Portuguese-Speaking World'; and 'The International Reception of Novas Cartas Portuguesas' (Barreno et al, 1972), having recently published the article 'Novas Cartas Portuguesas: the Making of a Reputation' (Journal of Feminist Scholarship 2012).