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The benefits of Studying Modern Greek

Greek Heart

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Is Greek a difficult Language?

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Student Testimonials

Dear Liana and Regina  

Thank you again for everything you have done for us this year! I just wanted to say again that you have both been the most wonderful and caring supervisors, especially in comparison to many other supervisors I've had at Cambridge who often seem too busy with their own work to have much time for their students. You've given us a lot of your time and made us feel like you genuinely cared about us. I've really enjoyed all our classes and supervisions (and film nights!) and am so glad I decided to take this course.

Dear Regina and Liana,

I've emailed Sarah to let her know that unfortunately I can't make the garden party on Monday, as I won't be in Cambridge, so I just wanted to take this opportunity instead to say thank you for all of your work over the last year. I've really enjoyed the course, and it has been very satisfying to gain a real insight into Greek language and culture. I feel that I have learnt things this year which are truly relevant to the wider world, and which have really broadened my horizens and understanding not only of Greece, but also of modern Europe in general, so thank you once again.

Dear Regina and Lianna,

 I would just like to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the last year. You might like to know that I got my highest mark in your paper. I absolutely loved the Modern Greek Course. You have both brought alive the language and the literature for me and I feel more connected than ever with my Greek roots.

In Easter 2017 I shall be off to Greece for a few months to continue my love affair with the country and hopefully I will become fluent in the language at the end of my stay. My plan is to find some work, most probably voluntary, in a museum in Athens or Thessaloniki - or even a big island like Crete or Corfu. As you may recall, museums are another passion of mine, which I explored in my dissertation. If you know of anyone in this sector in Greece or have any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

I really cannot thank you both enough for what you have given me in my final year at Cambridge. Your passion and presence as two important female figures in my academic journey have meant a great deal to me.


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