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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Brechtje Post: graduate supervising

PhD supervising

Y. Zhang L1 development of Lexical Tone from an interactive and parallel perspective. (from 2017)

C. Graham Japanese and Spanish L1 adult speakers’ L2 acquisition of English prosody; now ALTA RA, and future Leverhulme Fellow, TAL, University of Cambridge (2010-2014)

A. Li L2 rhythm development by Mandarin Chinese learners of English; now University Lecturer at Communication University of China (2010-2014)

A.-E. Schmidt The acquisition of prosody in Spanish-English bilingual children; now RA with Ianthi Tsimpli at TAL, University of Cambridge (2010-2014)

M. Zellers Prosodic detail and topic structure in discourse, RCEAL; now Junior Professor at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (2007-2011)

Recent MPhil dissertation supervision

J. Schwarz. Processing of Plural Nouns: Effects of Morphological Structure and Phonological Complexity (2016-2017)

M. Dokovova. Effects of perceptual priming on the VOT continuum (2015-2016)

T. J. Laméris. Category Assimilation in the Production and Perception of Japanese lexical pitch patterns (2015-2016)

A. Danks. For Pheasant read Peasant throughout: Lexical representation and access in Welsh word-initial consonant mutation (2013-2014)

A. Bruggeman. Intonation and tone in Burkina Faso French (2012-2013)

K. Harris. Prosodic marking of givenness in English and Italian: a comparative study of advanced second language learners (2012-2013)