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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 14

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 14 (2022)

Edited by Ema Banerjee, Alex Cairncross, Sana Kidwai and Chara Triantafyllidou


Volume 14 will have two issues. Issue 2 will be published in June.


Issue 1


Emergence, Complexity and Developing Grammars: A reinterpretation from a Dynamical Systems perspective

Núria Bosch

pp. 1-33


A Diachronic Study of the Pre- and Post-Verbal Distribution of Prepositional Phrases in Latin

Sarah Gordon 

pp. 34-87


The Problematic Distribution of the Irish Past Tense Marker d': Development of a case of phonologically conditioned allomorphy

Liam McKnight

pp. 88-123


Accelerating Human Translation of Public Health Information into Low-Resource Languages with Machine Translation

Dimitra Stasinou, Theresa Biberauer, Ebele Mọgọ and Andrew Caines

pp. 124-144


Modelling Unnatural Classes of Harmonic Vowels in Substance-Free Phonology

Ariwan Kai Addy Suhairi

pp. 145-179


Embodiment Effects in Idiom Processing

T. R. Williamson

pp. 180-199


Codeswitching Practices of Bulgarian-English Bilinguals

Yoana I. Dancheva

pp. 200-213


An OT Analysis of French Schwa Deletion

Ethan L. Hawkins

pp. 214-227


Italian Middle si: Evidence from non-finite clauses

Leonardo Russo Cardona

pp. 228-241


Is the Syntax-Prosody Interaction ‘Unidirectional’?

Melody Wang

pp. 242-258