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We regret that Paper Du 5: "Introduction to the Language and Literature of the Low Countries"  will not be available as an option in 2021-22.



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Use the links in the sidebar to access information about all aspects of Dutch studies in MML, including members of the teaching staff, our Dutch language and literature paper, and links to Dutch internet sites relating to this paper.

Du5 Introduction to the Language and Literature of the Low Countries

This paper aims to offer to 2nd year MML students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Dutch, a language spoken by ca 20 Million people in the Netherlands, Belgium and in the former Dutch colonies of the Antilles and Surinam.

Students who want to take this paper do not have to have any prior knowledge of Dutch, although we expect the students to familiarise themselves with basic knowledge of the language, culture and the countries before the course starts. The course will focus on "Use of Dutch", translation from Dutch and on the literature of the Low Countries through the study of three set texts. The course is a second year course and an integrated part of the 4-year honours degree in Modern and Medieval Languages. Du5 students are expected to achieve a similar standard, that of A-level, as other ab initio students.

Information and resources

We are fortunate in having a well-equipped Dutch section in the Faculty Library, and a very wide range of works on all aspects of the Low Countries in the University Library. The Language Centre receives Dutch television by satellite and has a dedicated Dutch website with details of resources including courses, dictionaires, films, grammar, reading, reference and external links. For details, please click HERE. A further important resource for independent language study is the Faculty's Computer-Assisted Language Learning Facility (CALL). The long-term aim of the CALL Facility, which opened in 1997, is to integrate computing into MML's teaching and research. Dutch-related resources on the World Wide Web may also be accessed from the CALL Facility web pages.

There is also the Virtual Dutch website, a collaborative effort from Sheffield University, UCL and Cambridge University where you can find "study packs" on language, history of the language and Dutch literature from the Middle Ages up to the 21st century.

Students of Du5 may also be interested in the Association for Low Countries Studies in Great Britain and Ireland, which, amongst other activities, organises a weekend for undergraduates.

Summer courses

It is important to try and attend a language course in the Netherlands or Dutch-speaking Belgium in the summer vacation, or in other vacations later on. There are various courses, and some scholarships are available. Colleges will often provide grants or travel awards. Details of summer courses are available from Mrs. Eagar during the Lent term.