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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


CALL Facility

The Faculty provides a range of specialist packages to support you in your independent language study. All the applications listed on these pages are available from any Public Workstation Facility (PWF) computer and many are available online. The CALL Facility provides the advantage of headphones and microphones to enable you to make the most of our audio and video applications, in particular, the live TV feed from the Language Centre, together with local specialist support should you need it.

Using These Computers

Most of the current packages can be accessed via the Web. Those packages listed as Windows Applications aren't available online and can only be run from PWF Windows workstations. For the most part these packages are older than their online counterparts - but don't be put off by the basic interface as they are still widely used and very effective tools for exercises in translation and grammar.


Feedback on the CALL Facility and its suite of applications is always welcome. In particular, if you find a website or application you'd like to recommend please email