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Governance of the Faculty

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Governance of the Faculty


Governance of the Faculty

Overall academic responsibility for the governance of the Faculty is shared by the Chairs of Faculty: Prof Geoffrey Kantaris (2019-2023) and Prof Ianthi Tsimpli (2021-2025).

They are assisted by the Faculty Manager, Ms Rachel Plunkett and Assistant Faculty Manager Ms April McIntyre.

There are a number of boards and committees which manage and coordinate activities at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

The Faculty Board is the main body which oversees the work of the whole Faculty. A range of Faculty Committees report to the Faculty Board, including the Planning and Resources Committee, the Degree Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee, the Research Strategy Committee, the Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Systems Committee.

Student engagement is an important aspect of governance at the Faculty. There are Staff Student Liaison Committees for each Section, which comprise of student representatives and academic staff, and report to the Faculty Board.  There is also a separate Postgraduate level Staff-Student Liason Committee which reports to the Postgraduate Committee.