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MPhil in Film and Screen Studies


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MPhils in Film and Screen Studies


The MPhils in Film and Screen Studies are interdisciplinary degrees that offer a firm grounding in the theoretical discourses that shape the academic study of the moving image, but in an expansive context that privileges freedom and originality of inquiry.  There are two distinct courses: The MPhil by Advanced Study and the MPhil by Thesis.  

MPhil by Advanced Study

It is expected that the large majority of students will follow the MPhil by Advanced Study: this course combines taught elements and individual research, and is assessed by means of a combination of essays and a 15,000 word dissertation. In the Michaelmas (autumn) term students follow a two-part core course that offers a series of rigorous and innovative encounters with major theoretical and methodological debates. In the Lent (spring) term students take two optional modules. Across these terms students participate in research seminars offered by visiting scholars. In the Easter (summer) term students work closely with supervisors to produce their dissertations. During this term students also enjoy the opportunity to present their research in progress in a professional context.  See links on the left hand side for further course information.

MPhil by Thesis

For a few applicants, The MPhil in Film and Screen Studies by Thesis may be preferrable.  This course is for students who already have a substantial level of familiarity with the study of film and literary texts in the relevant culture, and who already know the area they wish to research for their thesis. To be eligible for consideration, applicants will need (a) an appropriate level of linguistic and/or cultural expertise and (b) a clear idea of the area in which the thesis will be written.  The MPhil by Thesis course is assessed by means of a 30,000 word thesis only (i.e. no other coursework or examinations).  MPhil by thesis students will normally attend the Core Course in Michaelmas Term (which is attended by students on the MPhil by Advanced Study).  For more information on the By Thesis course, click here.


Please see Applying and Funding 

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For general inquiries, including questions regarding the application process and funding possibilities, please contact the MMLL Postgraduate Office.

Graduates of the MPhil frequently proceed to doctoral study, but also go on to work in the film and media industries, and numerous other fields.

"The Film and Screen Studies MPhil has easily been one of the most exciting challenges of my life. Not only is it a thorough overview of film and screen theory in general, it is an opportunity to really challenge the perceptions one is used to, especially in fields one would call oneself an expert. From ontology to haptic theory, passing through the historical and political implication of the use of film and screen media, there is a plethora of themes (un)covered. My one crucial piece of advice for anyone thinking of applying to the MPhil: don't waste anytime, read as much as possible, dive in head first and remember that for most applicants this is a chance to open your eyes and write about film and visual media for an intense nine months. What more could you ask for in a world-renowned research centre, where you might meet the very academic who inspired you to extend a specific field of cinematic/screen media research?"​ Elizabeth Orrin - Former MPhil Student (2017-18)