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David Trotter

King Edward VII Professor of English Literature

David Trotter's media-related research began in Cinema and Modernism (2007) and The Uses of Phobia: Essays on Literature and Film (2010) with an attempt to describe the 'parallel histories' of literature and film as assumed new formal and institutional shapes during the first half of the twentieth century. It has since broadened, in publications from Literature in the First Media Age: Britain between the Wars (2013) on, to take account of their emergence and consolidation within a media ecology which in its scope and complexity foreshadows the one we inhabit today. This work considers the telegraph and the telephone as game-changing technologies which raised serious doubts concerning the sort of medium film might become. Much of his current research takes place under the aegis of the English Faculty's Literature/Technology/Media research group. He is co-editor of the group's Open Humanities Press book series, Technographies.

Contact details:

Faculty of English
West Road


Tel: 01223 (7) 67330

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