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Ian Cross

Professor of Music and Science

Ian Cross has taught in the Cambridge Faculty of Music (where he now directs the Centre for Music & Science) since 1986.  He was one of the founder-contributors to the Screen, Media and Cultures initative, and has also taught film music in the Music Faculty's masters programme.  Before coming to Cambridge, he produced and composed electronic music for theatre, television, and, eventually, film, working with directors such as David Drury, Richard Eyre and Mike Radford. Research that he has directed in his Centre has explored the ways in which music can modulate activity in a film viewer's brain regions concerned with emotion and the interpretation of human action.  Current research plans include the experimental exploration of the ways in which music and sound in film might function to shape the audience's collective experience of the cinematic world.

Contact details:

Faculty of Music
11 West Road


Tel: 01223 (3) 35185

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