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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Frey Kalus



St. Catharine’s



Dr Lucia Ruprecht

Dr Heather Web


Frey completed their BA in MML and MPhil in English: Criticism & Culture at St. Catharine’s College. Their PhD project focuses on queer temporalities and queer family making in Dante’s Commedia and the drama and poetry of Bertolt Brecht. It examines the role of lyric temporality within the epic form, and how this might trouble linear narratives governed by reproductive futurism. Frey’s MPhil thesis is entitled ‘Queer Temporalities, Plague, and the Commedia: A Conversation Between Boccaccio and Thom Gunn’. It investigates the ways in which Boccaccio and Gunn use illness as a hermeneutic through which to read Dante’s work. It argues that their (re)interpretations of the Commedia are shaped by their own experiences of the Black Death and the AIDS crisis respectively. Their research interests included:

- Queer theory

- Theories of the lyric

- Dante and Modernism

- Gender and sexuality in the works of Bertolt Brecht

- Walter Benjamin’s philosophy of history

- Dante and the Anthropocene