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Modern Greek Lecture Series 2012-13

These open lectures will be given at 5.00 p.m. on Thursdays, in Room 2 of the Lecture Block, Sidgwick Avenue.



25 October

Professor Marc Lauxtermann (Exeter College, Oxford):

"Guns and grammars, or the remarkable adventures of Romanos Nikiforou" 

8 November

Dr Anthony Hirst (The Durrell School of Corfu):

"Gods refusing to die: from Plutarch to Pound, via Wilde, Cavafy, Palamas and Seferis"

15 November

Professor Stephanos Pesmazoglou (Panteio University, Athens):

"Aspects of the Greek Crisis and their articulation within the European context"

24 November

Dr Polina Tambakaki (King's College London):

"Language and music, national identity and Orthodoxy: the 'Destitute Dervish' by Alexandros Papadiamantis"



A series of six lectures on the Cretan romance Erotokritos, by Vitsentzos Kornaros (1553-1613/14), to mark the 300th anniversary of its first publication


7 February

Dr Marina Rodosthenous (University of Nicosia):

"Erotokritos and the Cypriot Canzoniere"

14 February

Dr Tina Lendari (University of Athens):

"Beauty and desire in Erotokritos"

21 February

Dr Tasoula Markomihelaki-Mintzas (University of Thessaloniki):

"The poetics of plants in Erotokritos and Panoria"

28 February

Dr Tassos A. Kaplanis (University of Cyprus):

"From text to image: Erotokritos illustrated (18th-20th centuries)"

7 March

Dr Natalia Deliyannaki:

"Kornaros's Erofili

2 May

Dr Alfred Vincent (University of Sydney):

"Myth-history: Venice, Crete and Erotokritos"