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Erica Bellia


Between Literature and Industry. Representations of the intellectual from Metello to Petrolio

Prof Robert Gordon

Mara Josi


16th October 1943: literature, history and memory

Prof Robert Gordon

Serena Laiena


Giovan Battista Andreini (1576-1654) on Stage: Between Language and Intertextuality

Prof Helena Sanson

Nicole Maniero


Objects and Object Fetishism in Italian Short Stories, 1930 – 1959

Dr Pierpaolo Antonello

Charlotte Alton


Narrative, Time and Affect in Dante's Paradiso and Boccaccio's De Casibus

Dr Heather Webb

Sara Cardullo

St John's

Morphosyntactic Microvariation in the Aeolian Dialects

Prof Adam Ledgeway

Tommaso Forni


"Polyanthea" or Polyantheas: The hidden foundation of the European Renaissance

Prof Abigail Brundin

Simone Monti

St Catharine's

The genre of Rime in morte in Renaissance women’s lyric poetry: Vittoria Colonna,
Veronica Gambara, Chiara Matraini and Francesca Turina.

Prof Abigail Brundin

Alessia Carrai


Uncovering classical mythology in Dante's Earthly Paradise

Dr Heather Webb

Aistė Kiltinavičiūtė


Quanto natura a sentir ti dispuose’: Dante and the Senses of Personhood 

Dr Heather Webb

Michele Maiolani


'The Role of the Anthropological Method in Italian Literature (1970-1985): Italo Calvino, Primo Levi and Gianni Celati

Prof Robert Gordon

Elena Emma Sottilotta

St Catharine's

Women Writing Folklore: Politics of Folk and Fairy-tale Collections from Italian and Irish Islands (1870-1920)

Prof Helena Sanson

Ruth Murphy St John's Conceptualising empathy as an ethical and literary problem post-Holocaust Prof Robert Gordon
Luigi Pinton Clare Witnessing the lives of others: Antonio Tabucchi's second-hand stories Dr Pierpaolo Antonello
George Rayson Selwyn Singularities in harmony: the rhyming hapax legomena in Dante's Commedia Dr Heather Webb
Onkar Singh Selwyn Diachronic and Synchronic Microvariation in Differential Object Marking (DOM) in ItaloRomance and beyond Prof Adam Ledgeway
Jonathan Wiles Selwyn "Vegna Medusa": Dante's Poetics of Absence in and Around the 'Commedia' Dr Heather Webb

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Prof Robert Gordon

Latest News

Eleonora Serra (PhD in Italian, 2019), winner of the 2020 Vivien Law Prize for the history of linguistics

2 December 2020

Eleonora Serra (PhD in Italian, 2019), winner of the 2020 Vivien Law Prize for the history of linguistics The Italian Section is delighted to congratulate Eleonora Serra (PhD in Italian, 2019) for the award of the 2020 Vivien Law Prize for the best essay on any topic within the history of linguistics by a student within 5...

The Robinson College Sykes Prize 2020

19 October 2020

The Robinson College Sykes Prize has been launched for 2020. The winning prize is £1000, with runners-up awards of £500 and £250 also available. More information can be found here: All current students are welcome to enter, hopefully having read...

Elena Sottilotta (PhD candidate, Italian) winner of the 2020 Polly Stewart Award 2020

12 October 2020

We are delighted to congratulate Elena Sottilotta (PhD candidate, Italian) for winning the 2020 Polly Stewart Award, for her research on women folklorists of Italy and Ireland. The award is given by the Women's Section of the American Folklore Society to support young scholars in the field (further details at: https://www...

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