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Former PhD Students



Name Thesis title Supervisor
Daniele Pio Buenza Fabrizio De André and Postmodern Impegno Dr Pierpaolo Antonello
Katherine Powlesland Dante's "Commedia": towards Interactivity in 'Paradiso', with particular reference to Dante with digital narrative theory Dr Heather Webb
Manuela Di Franco American culture and the development of mass press in Fascist Italy Prof Robert Gordon
Nicolò Morelli Animal imagery in Petrarch’s poetry and in that of his models Dr Heather Webb
Amelia Papworth The lyric poetry of Laura Terracina Prof Abigail Brundin
Valentina Colasanti Comparative morpho-syntax of the (Italo-)Romance varieties Prof Adam Ledgeway
Elena Pinnen Medicine and psychoanalysis in the work of Valerio Magrelli Dr Pierpaolo Antonello
Katherine Tycz The Use of Text in Early Modern Italian Domestic Devotions Prof Abigail Brundin
Sara Delmedico Women and their legal status in nineteenth-century Italy Dr Helena Sanson
Luigi Andriani The morpho-syntax of Barese Prof Adam Ledgeway
Helena Phillips-Robins Liturgical Song in Dante's Commedia Dr Heather Webb
Maria Olimpia Squillaci Greek and Romance language contact in Southern Italy Prof Adam Ledgeway
Cameron Taylor Complementation in the Dialects of Southern Italy Prof Adam Ledgeway
Daniel Finch-Race Nineteenth-century ecopoetics Prof Emma Wilson
Alessandra Diazzi The Reception of Psychoanalysis in Italian Literature and Culture, 1945-1977: Ottiero Ottieri, Edoardo Sanguinetti, Giorgio Manganelli, Andrea Zanzotto Dr Pierpaolo Antonello
Norma Schifano Verb-movement: a pan-Romance investigation Prof Adam Ledgeway
Lucia Yandoli Ecstasy, Epiphany and Italian Art Cinema 1946-1970 Prof Robert Gordon / Prof Abigail Brundin
Claudia Tardelli Francesco da Buti's commentary on Dante's CommediaPurgatorio, Paradiso. Prof Robert Gordon / Prof Zygmunt Baranski
Anna Montanari ‘A heart in Egypt’: Cleopatra on the Renaissance stage in Italy and England Prof Robert Gordon / Prof Robin Kirkpatrick
Bea Priest Fecundity and Sterility in Dante  
Alessia Ronchetti "La donna è mobile"? On Authority and Female Movability in Boccaccio and Chaucer  
Giulia Cantarini Comedy in British and Italian Film of the 1950s-1970s  
Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja Dante and the Tradition of Alexander the Great  
Meera Frost Italian images of India between 1350 and 1650  
Natalie Fullwood Space and gender in commedia all'italiana, 1958-1970  
George Corbett Dante's Moral Philosophy  
Lucy Hosker 'Donne sole' in Post-Unification Italy: The Works of Tommasina Guidi and Emilia Nevers  
Anne Leone Dante and Blood  
Catherine Baxter Language and Sex in Boccaccio's Decameron: Galeotto fu la metafora  
Fabrizio De Donno Italian Orientalism  
Claudia Peverini-Benson Subject-Verb (non)-Agreement: Syntactic Evidence from Marchigiano  
Anna Wagner Margherita Costa: A 'Virtuosa' on the Literary Stage of the Seicento Prof Helena Sanson
Eleonora Serra Linguistic prestige in early modern Italy Prof Helena Sanson
Valentina Mele Guido Cavalcanti, Rime. A study on textual subjectivity. Dr Heather Webb
Ryan Pepin Dante, Liturgy, Lyric, and Performance Dr Heather Webb

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