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ITAV: Italian through audio visual media

This paper is taken by Part IB students who took papers ITB1 and ITB2 (post A-level) at Part IA. It forms Section B of paper ITB3 and is assessed as 40% of that paper.

Aims and objectives: 

The aim of the fortnightly class is to teach students to extract and to reproduce concisely relevant and accurate information from a piece of audio-visual material of up to 10 minutes’ duration. Video clips will be taken from programmes which have been recently broadcast on Italian television. They will cover a wide range of themes of current interest.

Course materials: 

There is no set course book for this paper. 

Teaching and learning: 

The class is held fortnightly in all three terms. It alternates with the ITB3 translation classes. 


The examination lasts for 1 hour and 35 minutes; this includes a 5-minute set-up time before the first play-through of the clip. The clip is played twice and candidates may look at the questions and make notes. Candidates are required to answer factual questions about the broadcast, and to summarise or paraphrase some or all of its themes.

Course Contacts: 
Dott. Cristiana Brown