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Javier Pérez-Osorio

Photo of Javier Perez Osorio
PhD Candidate at the Centre for Film and Screen Studies
Spanish & Portuguese
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
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Javier graduated with a First Class with Distinction in Philosophy, Theology, and Education (Bachelor’s Degree) at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota, Colombia) in 2011, receiving an award for his dissertation advancing an innovative linguistic method. After some years working as a teacher, in education management, and in social programmes, in 2018 he obtained an MA in Film Studies at the University of Leicester, supported by COLFUTURO, a Banco Santander’s scholarship, and the Consejo Nacional de las Artes y la Cultura en Cinematografía de Colombia (CNACC). His MA dissertation was focused on the representation of class, gender, and armed conflict in Sergio Cabrera’s films from the 1990s. His PhD is funded by the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust in partnership with MINCIENCIAS, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia.

Beyond his studies, Javier has participated in diverse cultural platforms related to cinema. In 2019 he received the Premio de Periodismo Cultural IDARTES 2019 - Nuevos Nombres (Artes Audiovisuales), a renown local award in cultural journalism for his story on a film club based in Bogota and organised by an advocacy group mainly formed by transgender women, some of them sex workers. In 2020 he was invited to collaborate in the catalogue of the 5th Film Festival of Jardín, Colombia, with an article on the queer representation in the highest-grossing films from the last five years. Javier has also been a regular film critic and screen analyst of PAPEL, a Colombian cultural magazine.

Javier recently started the preliminary development of a research network on queer perspectives in Colombia, co-established with Dr Karol Valderrama-Burgos, Lecturer (Education) in Spanish, Queen’s University Belfast

Research interests: 

Latin American film

Colombian film

Queer cinema

Queer studies

Recent research projects: 

The provisional title of his dissertation is ‘New representations of queer identities in recent Latin American Cinema’.

His project aims to critically analyse the representation of queer identities in recent Latin American fiction films (2013-2020), emphasising from a phenomenological approach how touch, embodiment, and affection not only elicit a more engaging and progressive portrayal of queer ways of being but also allow to (re)consider the dynamic of alignment/adaptation in societies across Latin America regarding the global LGTBQI+ expressions, in particular queer cinema.

Within this frame, he aims to underscore how queer representations challenge or not the patriarchal heteronormativity and its compulsory social structures, showing to what extent they fit or not into a homonormative representation of queer identities, and tracing the convergent points that would allow recognising queer cinema (or at least queer moments) in recent Latin American cinema. Javier believes that an analysis of the aesthetic strategies and ideological emphases deployed in the films will contribute to the process of reinterpretation and readjustment of categories such as queer, gender, sex, embodiment, masculinity/femininity, in Latin American context, and to explore the political nuances of either erasing, normalising or queering representations.

Published works: 

Review of Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez (translated by Juana Suárez), Una historia comparada del cine latinoamericano, Imagofagia, N° 22 (October 2020).

‘Pushing the boundaries of melodrama’, Carma: Colombian Artistic Research Magazine, vol. 0 (2018), pp. 143-155. Available here.



Scholarship awarded by the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust in partnership with MINCIENCIAS (2020); Santander Master’s scholarships (2017); COLFUTURO scholarship (2017); ‘Consejo Nacional de las Artes y la Cultura en Cinematografía (CNACC)’ award (2017); ‘Orden al Mérito Académico’, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2011); Distinction for BA’s dissertation, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2011).