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Slavonic Studies

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Post A-Level Course

The Post-A-Level course is an intensive course: it develops students' language skills in the use of Russiantranslation and oral practice through a series of three weekly classes and a weekly lecture on grammar and syntax. It also offers students a challenging interdisciplinary introduction to Russian and East European cultures from the ninth century through the present.

Language Work

Language work aims to train students to use all elements of Russian grammar and syntax correctly and to acquire a sound knowledge of modern standard Russian. Because Russian is a highly inflected language, grammatical accuracy is essential both to understanding and to communication. Every area of grammar has therefore to be mastered. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive training system, covering grammar rules, exceptions and subtleties, syntax, idioms and set phrases, equivalents and non-equivalents in English and Russian, register, style, formulation of ideas, and argument.

You will be attending three weekly classes organized by the Slavonic Studies Section:

In addition, you will attend a weekly lecture on Russian Grammar and Syntax

Assignments to language classes for "Use of Russian" and "Translation" will be announced on the Wednesday afternoon before classes begin. Your supervisors for the oral practice sessions will also be contacting you that Wednesday to arrange weekly supervision times. It is essential that you check your email and bring your diary to the briefing meetings for papers SLB1 and SL1 on Wednesday.

Literature, History, Culture

In addition to your language classes, you will also take paper SL1: Introduction to Russian culture. Teaching for this paper will be through:

  • a series of 16 lectures organized by the Department
  • fortnightly supervisions arranged by the Department on behalf of the Colleges