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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Supervision Room Booking

Supervision booking requests will be taken only for the current term, and an email will be sent shortly before the start of term informing you when bookings are open.

If you are booking rooms for anything other than a supervision please contact your section's secretary directly.

Please do the following to request a supervision room booking. Bookings will be made on a first come, first served basis.

  1. Contact to set up an account. 
  2. Once your account is ready. Request a booking via your own account, providing the following information: Code for the paper being supervised (e.g. FR3), Your full name, Number of people (including yourself),Exact dates/days and times required
  3. If you are having problems with your own Booker account, you can request a room booking by emailing and provide the full details (as above) of the new request. 

Following receipt of your email a booking will be arranged depending on availability and you will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you need to cancel or make a change, please e-mail and provide the full details (as above) of the new request.

We have a new online booking system called Booker which is now open for booking rooms. Contact to set up an account. 

Please be aware that we have limited rooms available and we may not be able to accommodate individuals' preferences at busy times. Rooms will be allocated on the basis of the numbers of students attending. Bookings are made on the hour slots (i.e. 1-2pm, not 1:30-2:30).

We have four small supervision rooms available in the RFB (capacity ranging between 4-8). We also have a few larger seminar rooms available in the RFB, which we may book you into if there are no smaller supervision rooms available and there are no larger classes that require the space.

Members of staff with an office in the RFB will generally be expected to use that room for supervisions. Alternative supervision rooms should only be requested in exceptional circumstances. Though this may require some degree of co-ordination for those of you in shared offices, it greatly reduces the strain on the availability of rooms in the building.

If rooms are not available in the RFB, please know that you may contact the DoS of your student's college to see if their college has a room to accommodate your supervisions.