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Alexandra Vukovich

Alexandra Vukovich

Current Post / Principal Activity:

Joyce Lambert Research Fellow in History, Newnham College, Cambridge


My current research focuses on the formation of political structures in the post-Roman world, particularly the Slavs and their contacts and exchanges with the Byzantine Empire. Currently, I am interested in examining the influence of Byzantine political models in the shaping and elaboration of the political culture of early Rus’, which will provide us with further information about how medieval cultures emerged, how they were shaped, and what their written and iconographic representations‑along with traces of their built landscape‑can convey about their social and political structures.

My principal publications have focussed on the literature and political culture of the South Slavs, and on the history of early Rus’ and Byzantium. I am currently completed a book ‘Politics and Ritual in Early Rus’ and preparing for a new research project, entitled ‘A Survey of Byzantine Imitation Coins from the 6th-13th centuries: Diplomacy and the appropriation of Byzantine political forms from Britain to Central Asia’ beginning in Autumn 2017.

Selected Publications:


  • “Promissory Rituals in Rus’: Heteropraxy and oath-taking ‘by kissing the Cross’” Byzantinoslavica  75.1 (2017) (forthcoming).
  • “The Enthronement Rituals of the Princes of Vladimir-Suzdal in the 12th and 13th centuries” FORUM University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture & the Arts 17 (Autumn 2013).
  • “The Three Epistles of Princess Jelena Balsic, Women as Literary Patrons in Late Medieval Zeta” Wiener Jahrbuch für Kinstgeschichte 60/61 (2011/2012): Article 28, 396-406.

Book Chapters

  • “Locating the Princely Household in Early Rus’” in Teresa Earenfight (ed.). Themes in European History from 400 to the Present: Elite Households, Brill’s Companions to European History (forthcoming).
  • “Motherhood as Authority in the ‘Life of Queen Helen’ by Archbishop Daniel II” in Kangas, Sini, Mia Korpiola, and Tuija Ainonen (eds.). Authorities in the Middle Ages. Influence, Legitimacy and Power in Medieval Society, Fundamentals of Medieval and early Modern Culture 12 (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co., 2013), 249-269.


  • April 2015: Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies: Monetary Award for research
  • April 2015: Newnham College Research Fund: Large Grant for international conference organisation
  • March 2015: British Association for Slavonic and East-European Studies: Grant for study groups

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