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Nadine Meisner

nadine meisner

Current Post / Principal Activity:

I am an independent scholar, pursuing my ambition to write a cultural biography of Petipa, based on and enlarging my dissertation.


My dissertation was/ is an analysis of the importance of Marius Petipa, a French dancer-choreographer who arrived in St Petersburg in 1847 and who, in a Russian career spanning nearly sixty years, created masterpieces that are still performed today, such as La Bayadère, The Sleeping Beauty, and (with his deputy Lev Ivanov) Swan Lake.  Setting Petipa within the specific cultural context of St Petersburg, as well as the broader canvas of European ballet trends, my research mapped the artistic evolution and impact of a man who laid the foundations of twentieth-century Soviet ballet, who created the conditions that allowed Sergei Diaghilev to launch the expatriate Ballets Russes, and whose style became what we, today, define as classical ballet.