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Katerina Pavlidi

Katerina Pavlidi


Jesus College

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In my current research, I focus on literary works that belong to two different literary periods: firstly, on the works produced by the so-called last page of the Russian Avant-garde, namely by the modernist OBERIU movement (Ob’edinenie real’nogo iskusstva), and secondly on the Russian postmodernist production of authors and artists that first appeared in the underground circles of Moscow Conceptualism, such as Vladimir Sorokin and Dmitrii Prigov. In this context, I examine the extent to which the chronological gap that exists between the two periods draws a boundary that separates the two —isms. Following the line of argument that Russian postmodernism is much closer to Russian modernism rather than to its Western paradigm, I look at texts produced during these two periods in parallel and I examine whether specific elements in their literary production and in their perception of reality renders the Russian Avant-garde movement in its essence postmodernist. Simultaneously, I trace the direct influences that the particular Avant-garde movement had on the Russian postmodernist production. Specifically, I examine the texts through the lens of the linguistic experimentation and the ‘nonsensical’ aspect that is closely related to the phenomenon of zaum’. In addition to this, I look at the texts’ metafictive and tragifarcical aspects.

My broader research interests include the relation between body and literature. In this context, I am interested in questions such as whether the materiality of the body is legible, as well as whether language and literary texts are capable of communicating bodily experiences to the reader. Furthermore, I am interested in contemporary Russian Drama.

Conference papers:

  • 'Fleshing out cruelty on page: Literary bodies in the works of Vladimir Sorokin.' The Cultural Language(s) of Pain: European Literary Perspectives, Institute for Modern Languages Research, University of London, 23-24 November 2018.


  • CEELBAS AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Russian, Slavonic and East European Languages and Cultures Scholarship
  • Cambridge Trust European Scholarship
  • Jesus College Hogwood Scholarship (Cambridge)

Languages (in addition to English)

Greek (native), Russian (native), German (basic), Spanish (basic)