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Former PhD Students

Recent PhDs awarded in Spanish and Portuguese - since the academic year 2017:

Name Research Topic Year Awarded Supervisor

Parker (Andrew) Lawson

The classroom is a battlefield: contested identities and shifting pedagogical practices in Spain and Catalonia, 1898–2016.


Prof Brad Epps

Aleksandra Goclawska

Multilingual poetics (Marçal, Fiedorczuk, Bonnet) within the MEITS project: Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies


Prof Brad Epps

Dr David Bailey The insecurities surrounding gender and sexuality in literature from the 19th century and dictatorship period 2017-18 Prof Lisboa and Prof Epps
Dr Liliana Chávez Díaz The fiction of the nonfiction. Constructing conversations in contemporary Latin American documentary narratives. 2017-18 Prof Steven Boldy
Dr Imogen Choi (née Sutton) The representation and discussion of warfare and its alternatives in 16th- and 17th-century heroic poetry of the New World 2017-18 Dr Rodrigo Cacho
Dr Aretousa Giannakou Morphosyntactic change in the linguistic repertoire of Greek heritage speakers in South America. 2017-18 Dr Ioanna Sitaridou
Dr Franco Pesce The Abyss of Writing: The literary and the sublime in Bolaño and Vila-Matas 2015-16 Dr Rory O'Bryen / Dr Stuart Davis
Dr Natasha Tanna Desire, sexuality, and transnational subjectivity in contemporary writing by women in Latin America and Barcelona: Cristina Peri Rossi, Maria-Mercè Marçal, and Flavia Company. 2017-18 Prof Brad Epps
Dr Sandra Velásquez-Alford The critical relationship established by Carlos Fuentes and Alejo Carpentier, in their literary and critical works, with the traditional historiography of their countries. 2017-18 Prof Steven Boldy

Former PhD Students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (up to 2017)

Our PhD students go on to work in a variety of fields – from television production, to diplomatic work, as well as academia. Some former students include:

Name Position Research Topic  
Allen, Dr Alice Development Producer & Assistant Producer at True Vision Productions Transformation, urban space and social difference in contemporary Brazilian documentary film and photography.  

Bell, Dr Lucy

Lecturer in Spanish and Translation Studies, University of Surrey The relationship between the Latin American short story in the mid-twentieth century and different media which were booming at the time: among others, photography, cinema, telephony and journalism. Focused on the authors Juan Rulfo, Julio Cortázar and Augusto Monterroso.  
Bradbury, Dr Jonathan Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, University of Exeter The tradition of the Spanish 'miscelánea' in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  
Breen, Dr Rebecca Lecturer in Art from Latin America and Curating, University of Essex The intersections between testimonio and contemporary Latin American women artists.  
Caldin, Dr Tom Works for the United Nations  Paternity, incest and subjectivity in two medieval Castilian epic poems, the 'Poema de mio Cid' and 'Mocedades de Rodrigo'. Rethinking the place of the vassalic subject in the light of Lacan and Zizek.  
Faulkner, Prof. Sally Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film, University of Exeter Author of Literary Adaptations in Spanish Cinema (Tamesis-Boydell Brewer, 2004) and A Cinema of Contradiction: Spanish Film in the 1960s (Edinburgh Univeristy Press, 2006). Holder of an Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellowship over 2010-11 for a project entitled A New History of Spanish Cinema: Middlebrow Films and Mainstream Audiences.  
Fehimovic, Dr Dunja Lecturer in Hispanic studies at newscastle university Contemporary Cuban film in relation to national identity  
Gatland, Dr Emma Barrister at Harcourt Chambers, London.  Practises family and civil law. Women and authority in medieval Castilian hagiographic narrative.  
Gutiérrez-Albilla, Dr Julián Daniel Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California The relationship between dissident subjectivities and visual and textual transgressions in the Spanish and Mexican cinema of Luis Buñuel, 1950s and 1960s, mainly drawing on psychoanalytic theory and re-readings of Surrealist aesthetics.  
Hazbun (née Coates), Dr Geraldine University Lecturer in Medieval Spanish Literature and Fellow of St Anne's College, University of Oxford Treachery and loss in medieval foundation myths of Castile with reference to the ideology of group identity.  
Jovanovic, Dr Zeljko Post Doctoral Fellow, The Spanish National Research Council Endangered Judeo-Spanish Folk Material: Colection, Re-creation and Recovery by Twentieth-Century Sephardic Authors from the former Yugoslavia  
Kemp, Dr Laura Reseach Manager, LSE
Cultural trauma and the role of child protagonists in contemporary film about the Spanish Civil War.
Kendrick, Dr Anna Assistant Professor, NYU-Shanghai

The World of the Child: Holism and New Education in Spain 1918-1936

Laukamp, Dr Luis Castellví Lecturer is Spanish Cultural Studies, The University of Manchester
Góngora or the creation of a world: flora, fauna and landscape in Polifemo and Soledades.
Loxham, Dr Abigail Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Spanish, University of Queensland, Australia Identity in contemporary Spanish film.  
McKinney, Dr Collin Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish at Bucknell University, USA Author of 'Mapping the Social Body: Urbanisation, the Gaze, and the Novels of Galdós' (UNC Press, 2010).  
Martin, Dr Debbie Senior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies at UCL Gender, politics and aesthetics in Colombian women's cultural production 1940-2005. The thesis looks at painter Débora Arango, novelist Laura Restrepo, and women's documentary film-making in Colombia since 1972.  
Melo e Castro, Dr Paul Lecturer in Portuguese, University of Leeds The representation of 1960s Lisbon in the novel, the photobook and film.  
Page, Dr Philippa Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Film, University of Newcastle Politics and performance in post-dictatorship Argentine film and theatre.  
Posso, Prof Karl Professor of Latin American Studies, Head of Language-Based Area Studies, University of Manchester Late 20th Century Brazilian narrative (Silviano Santiago and Caio Fernando Abreu).  
Rothwell, Prof. Phillip King John II Professor of Portuguese Studies in the Sub-faculty of Portuguese, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford, (from 1 October 2013. Fellow of St Peter's College. Author of A Postmodern Nationalist (Bucknell University Press, 2004) and A Canon of Empty Fathers: Paternity in Portuguese Narrative (Bucknell University Press, 2007). Executive editor of ellipsis: Journal of the American Portuguese Studies Association.  
Trápaga, Dr Daniel Gutiérrez Lecturer, The Autonomous University of Mexico Development and diachronic transformation of narrative cycles in XVIth century Castilian romances of chivalry, from the perspective of intertextuality  
Taylor Prof Claire Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool Latin American women's writing: Griselda Gambaro (Argentina), Albalucía Ángel (Colombia), Laura Esquivel (México)  
Williams, Dr Claire Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture, University of Oxford. Fellow and Tutor in Portuguese, St Peter's College. Author of The Encounter Between Opposites in the Works of Clarice Lispector (HIPLA, 2006). Co-editor, with Dr. Claudia Pazos Alonso, of Closer to the Wild Heart (Legenda, 2002) and, with Dr. Ann Davies and Dr. Par Kumaraswami, of Making Waves: Wisps Anniversary Volume (CSP, 2008). Associate Editor of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. President of Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies 2006-09.