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Spanish and Portuguese


Current PhD Students

Current PhD Students in the Spanish and Portuguese Section

An asterisk * denotes a student registered in the Centre of Latin American Studies (CLAS) who is also a member of the Spanish and Portuguese Section of the MMLL Faculty, via the Latin American Cultural Studies Consortium.




Research Topic


Ana Lucia Martinez     Dr. Rory O’Bryen 
Carlos Iglesias Crespo King's College   Prof. Rodrigo Cacho
Maria Carolina Pena Marino     Prof. Rodrigo Cacho
Maria Fernanda Dominguez Londono

King's College

  Dr. Rory O’Bryen
William Huddleston

Corpus Christi

  Dr Maite Conde

Victoria Adams

Sp&P Graduate Representative at Section meetings in 2021-2022

Newnham College

Material virtuality: The role of the virtual in the production of cultural-historical spatial imaginaries in Brazil

Dr Maite Conde

*Andrea Aramburu Villavisencio

Girton College

Interactions between disruptive kinships, affect and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American cinema

Dr Joanna Page

Diego Azurdia

Hughes Hall

The history of the sublime and the sublime as history in Latin America

Dr. Rory O’Bryen 

Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação

St John's College

Misplaced Ideas: the Contradiction of Science in Machado de Assis

Prof. Rodrigo Cacho

*Joseph Brandim-Howson 

Corpus Christi College

Veillance Dynamics in Pseudo* States

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

*Sandra del Valle Casals

Robinson College

The construction of Otherness and national identity in contemporary Chilean cinema

Dr Joanna Page

*Carlos Ezcurra


Body and Subjectivity in Contemprorary Argentine Film

Dr Joanna Page

Lucy Foster

Jesus College

Representations of the Mexican 'litoral'

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Jessica Hagley

Clare College

Cortés and the Rhetoric of Conquest: Early Modern Epic Poetry in New Spain

Dr Rodrigo Cacho

*Katherine Anne Mato

Downing College

Gender and Space in Contemporary Cuban Art

Dr Joanna Page

Ben Quarshie

King's College

Black Identity and the Nation State in Latin America from the Nineteenth Century to the Present

Dr Rory O'Bryen

Leslie Ramos

Downing College

Art from Latin America in the Venice Biennale since 1980

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Hazel Robins

Queens' College

Phantasmic ninenteenth-century dichotomies: the imagination of Portuguese identity's (de-) construction

Prof Brad Epps

*Erika Teichert

Newnham College

Political propaganda and artistic practice in contemporary Argentine culture and politics

Dr Joanna Page

Leo Temple  

 Mytho-Technical Syncretism and the Economies of Scale in “Modernista” Latin American Poetics

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Tatiana Vargas Ortiz

King's College

Errancia and nomadism in Contemporary Latin American Literature

Dr Rory O'Bryen

*Oliver Wilson-Nunn Trinity Hall College   Dr Joanna Page
*Anna Corrigan St. Edmund's College Practices of Assembling in the Post-Dictatorship Southern Cone Dr Joanna Page
*Joseph Brandim Howson   Open Data and the Politics of Transparency in Mexico  

Please also see our list of former PhD students and student testimonials.