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Your Year Abroad 2021-22

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics



Year Abroad 2021-22 Forms

Compulsory forms (The submission of these forms is a formal course requirement, but more importantly they help us to help you - please give attention to their prompt return.)

  1. YA.EMAIL Email Permission Form. Please complete this as soon as possible. This would allow us to share relevant information with you.
  2. YA.PLAN Form (Link to be sent out to your email by the end of Michaelmas 2020.) 
    Please submit by 5pm, 22 January 2021 if your plan is to apply for study place in Europe or British Council Assistantship. 
    Or by 5pm, 26 February 2021 for any other placement. (e.g. study in Russia and Latin America; non-British Council work placements)
  3. YA.RISK Self Risk Assessment Form - you must complete this and submit it electronically on Moodle before going abroad.
    You are reminded that your address and contact details must be maintained throughout the YA by updating both your Risk Assessment and CamSIS.
  4. YA.WHEREABOUT form - to be returned as soon as you have moved into your new accommodation. You must keep us informed of any change of address. 
    Resubmission is required if address or travel dates changed.
  5. Erasmus Study Placement - Learning Agreement 
  6. Erasmus Study Placement - Certificate of Arrival 
  7. Internship/Work Placement  Agreement (For all work placements)
  8. Certificate of Arrival (For all work placements and non-Erasmus study placements)
  9. YA.ATT Certificate of Attendance - (For all work placements and non-Erasmus study placements) due by 14 Oct 2022.
  10. YA.ASST Assistantship Report - to be returned as soon as you have finished your placement.
  11. YA.STUDY Study Report - to be returned as soon as you have finished your placement.
  12. YA.WORK Work Report - to be returned as soon as you have finished your internship or volunteer placement.
  13. YA.REP Final Report Form - due by 14 Oct 2022.
  14. (Optional) YA.FEE Refund Application Form - Application opend from 1 August 2021 and due by 30 April 2022 if you are studying at an approved university outside Europe and are eligible for payment of tuition fees.

COVID Test Fees Refund (Application opened from 1 August 2021 - 30 September 2022)

The Faculty would be able to refund mandatory Covid test fees up to £250 per essential trip per approved placement. This would include the trips if you are

  • starting your approved placement
  • traveling to the next destination for your 2nd/3rd approved placement
  • completing you YA and UK is your final destination. (No further YA activity)

**Please note that the Faculty is unable to refund Covid test fees for

  • non essential trips. (e.g. traveling for holidays)
  • additional or change of placements. (e.g. if you have been refunded for your original placement and wish to cancel this placement for another opportunity, the Faculty might not be able to provide further funding for the same period of time)

Refund Application Instructions

  1. Please complete the refund from and sign before returning to Year Abroad Office ( An actual signature is required. 
  2. Provide proof of payment that shows the item and amount your paid for, with your name shows on it would be ideal.
  3. Provide bank statement that shows your name, your address, bank name, bank address, sort code and account number for the finance division to verify your bank account.
    (The finance team will not accept screen shot of the online bank app, unless the screen shot include all the information above)
  4. If you paid in a foreign currency via your UK bank account, please provide us the transaction statement so you can be refunded the exact amount. If such evidence is not available, the rate will be based on OANDA Currency Converter.