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Your Year Abroad 2022-23

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics



Year Abroad 2022-23 Forms

Compulsory forms (The submission of these forms is a formal course requirement, but more importantly they help us to help you - please give attention to their prompt return.)


  • The Email Permission Form (YA.EMAIL) giving agreement for your email address to be disclosed to fellow students for the exchange of YA advice, and to allow your YA reports to be made available on intranet (Moodle) to future students.

  • All students must submit an online Risk Assessment form for each approved placement via Moodle. Risk Assessment forms for all approved placements are due by Friday 10 June 2022. Risk Assessment forms for any placements that are approved following 10 June 2022 must be submitted by the end of the calendar month in which approval was granted or by your departure date whichever occurs earlier. Failure to submit a thoroughly completed Risk Assessment form by the designated deadline may result in the placement not counting towards your Year Abroad, and invalidate your University insurance. 

  • An Address Form (YA.ADD). This should give BOTH the address of the employer, university or school AND your private address while abroad.  This should be returned as soon as you have moved into your new accommodation abroad. You must also ensure that your contact details on CamSIS are kept up to date throughout the year.

  • An Attendance Form (YA.ATT) to be signed and stamped by your university, employer or school at the end of your year abroad and to be returned by the second Friday of the full Michaelmas Term 2023.

  • Turing Scheme Documentation, please visit ISO website at

  • A Report Form (YA.ASST for British Council Assistantships, YA.STUDY for study placements or YA.WORK for work placements) to be submitted immediately after each placement during your Year Abroad, according to your activity. It will be made available (unless you request that it be confidential) for consultation by those going abroad in the future.

  • Refund Application Form (optional) for tuition refunds at non European approved study placements and authorised unexpected compulsory expenses. (Claims for reimbursement will not be considered after 30 April 2023.)