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Erasmus grant


What is the Erasmus grant?

  • You may be entitled to a monthly Erasmus grant to help with your living expenses.  The monthly rate depends on which country you are going to and whether it is for study or work. The amount you receive will depend on the available budget as allocated to the University by the British Council. You may not receive a grant payment for every month of your time abroad.
  • The Erasmus grant for Cambridge students is administered by the International Student Team. Further information about Erasmus+ can be found on their webpage: You can also contact them via email:
  • Students on a study period abroad who are from households with an annual income of £25,000 or less may be entitled to an additional sum on top of their monthly grant.
  • In order to receive and keep your grant you must submit learning/training agreement, certificate of arrival and mobility contract. At the end of your period abroad all students will be asked to provide a certificate of attendance, plus a transcript if you have spent your time studying. All students will be contacted by the British Council to complete an online report.
  • The British Council, the UK National Agency for Erasmus, will require you to return some or all of your monthly grant if:
  • 1.    You fail to obtain the minimum number of ECTS credits
  • 2.    You fail to complete all of the relevant paperwork
  • 3.    You return to the UK before the agreed end of the activity