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Health, safety and insurance

Remember to upload your Risk Assessment before you leave Cambridge. You will be emailed full instructions in Easter Term before your Year Abroad.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers a range of advice for travellers, including the latest Travel Advice for countries round the world.

Gap year Information provided by the FCO.

Research official health recommendations, particularly when travelling outside Europe and obtain any vaccinations in good time before you go.

NHS Fit for Travel

Make sure you obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) to cover emergency treatment within the EU. 

You are only covered by the University's public liability insurance. This will cover situations where a student is legally liable for damage to a third party, property or injury to a person caused unintentionally during a placement abroad. You must therefore organise your own travel and health insurance. Whilst you are encouraged to have a European Health Insurance Card if you are eligible, this only provides basic health cover so you should organise additional health insurance. In order to apply for an EHIC that is specifically for your time spent on a year abroad, you will need to complete a postal application and include various details about your plans as set out on the NHS website.

You should submit a letter from your College which includes the following information:

  • name and address of the UK educational institution
  • start and end dates of your course
  • details of the qualification you are studying for

In additon, please submit your own letter to confirm where you are going to be studying whilst overseas.Some students may find that they are covered by their parent's private health insurance or that of the host institution/organisation.

You should also apply for an EHIC if you have a work placement in Europe, as further explained on the NHS website.  

Take out comprehensive personal travel insurance with medical and accident cover, which lasts the whole period you will be away. It should be appropriate for your Year Abroad activity and allow you foreign trips of over 90 days as well as return visits to the UK if needed.  

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Personal Safety

Live Life Safe

Studying abroad with a disability