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MML Green Team wins Gold at the Green Impact Awards 2016!

Green and Gold

The MML Green team are proud to announce that they have received a Gold Award at the 2016 University of Cambridge Green Impact Awards! 

Last week, the Environment and Energy Section hosted the University's fourth Green Impact award ceremony, and the MML team was present to celebrate ours and others' achievements in making the University more sustainable. 

MML received a Silver Award in 2015, and a Bronze Award in 2014, so we were keen to go for gold this year! Teams who receive the Gold Award must build on Bronze and Silver achievements by taking action on areas such as biodiversity and interaction with the wider community. Gold teams also examine and improve complex areas of their own personal impact in areas such as procurement, travel and water.

This award represents the whole Faculty's efforts to:

  • switch off more lights
  • use fewer plastic cups
  • increase the proportion of our rubbish which is recycled
  • close equipment down at night
  • convert to recycled paper
  • request fewer heaters for offices
  • get on board with the Green Challenge!

MML's Green Team will be continuing to work over the summer on some initiatives to do with bike safety and security, to make a few other changes in the building to keep chipping away at energy consumption.

We are proud of our work to make our community greener, and hope to continue to make improvements within the Faculty.

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