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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics

MML is committed to reducing its environmental impact. We have a Green Team working hard to raise awareness of environmental issues in the building, and we need everyone to do their bit if we are to make a real improvement to our sustainability.

MML gained a bronze NUS Green Impact award for 2013-14, a silver award in 2014-15, a gold award in 2015-16, and the Green Impact Excellence Award for 2016-17! For more information please see the University's Green Impact web pages.

After a small hiatus, The Green Team is back and committed to achieving more in 2019-20.

Improving sustainability should be fun so we organise a range of activities over the course of the year. We'll also keep you informed via this page about other environmental initiatives around the University, so do check back from time to time and see what's coming up. Please see our News and Events pages for previous and upcoming initiatives.

We're pleased to announce that The MMLL Green Team received the Bronze Green Impact Award 2020

Our staff induction checklist now includes sustainability training 

MMLL Newsletters:

Saving Energy at Home 

Single Out Campaign

How to have a Greener Christmas 


Our Green Team

Our Green Committee:

  • Jacob Baldwin
  • Rachel Burgess
  • Lauren Byrnes
  • April McIntyre
  • Alison Murfin 
  • Sam Oliver
  • Melanie Parker
  • Mina Perkins
  • Rachel Plunkett
  • Kristina Petruskeviciute
  • Dr Martin Ruehl
  • Marian Via Rivera

We're always happy to receive feedback and suggestions so if you have any ideas, or if you'd like to join the team, please contact us on 


What can I do to be Green? 

There are lots of ways in which you can help. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Switch off lights when you leave a room
  • Switch off equipment at the end of the day and use 'sleep' mode when you go to a meeting
  • Bring in your own coffee/tea mug rather than use one from the drinks machine
  • Think before you throw away your rubbish - use the recycling bin if possible
  • Take the stairs, not the lift
  • Put on a jumper on a cold day rather than turn up the heating
  • Report maintenance issues (e.g. a dripping tap) to the Facilities Management Team.
  • Only print what you really need to have in hard copy
  • Always print double-sided, and photocopy double-sided wherever possible
  • Share transport or use a bike rather than driving a car
  • Bring in batteries to the MML Faculty Office for recycling
  • Bring in electrical/electronic equipment for recycling by the Facilities Management Team.

Keep in touch


News and Events

Fantastic results revealed!

23 September 2016

We have recently received our latest Energy Rating Certificate and are delighted to be able to reveal some really impressive results...

Spotlight on Waste month in MML!

17 August 2016

August is 'Spotlight on Waste' month and MML is actively participating!

The MML Green Team needs you!

8 June 2016

We are looking for new committee members to join the Green Team 2016-17! Our work is rewarding and important, and doesn't present a huge time commitment, please consider joining us.