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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Green Impact Photography Challenge 2021

Mel Parker_Welsh Countryside

6 August 2021


We are happy to share the many beautiful and inspiring entries from our Green Impact June Photography Challenge. In addition to the images we received, we also had an excellent video submission which can be viewed here (

Thank you to everyone who participated! 


Blossom, by April McIntyre

Bluebells Lochlomond, by Theresa Lentfort

Untitled, by Andrew Webber

Untitled, by April McIntyre

Dandelion Home, by Adrienne Walters

Flower and Rain, by April McIntyre

Flower Pride Flag, by Alice Oates

Hooray for No Mow May, by Rachel Burgess

Untitled, by Sam Oliver

Untitled, by Sam Oliver

Bee, by Mel Parker

Untitled, by Rachel Plunkett

Snakeshead, by April McIntyre

Untitled, by Rachel Plunkett

Big, bigger, biggest, by Adrienne Walters

Untitled, by Rachel Plunkett

Sunset, by April McIntyre

Bee, by Sam Oliver

Untitled, by Rachel Plunkett

Sunset Flower, by April McIntyre