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Language and Linguistics

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Translation Theory and Practice

Dr Ángeles Carreres

Carreres, Dr Ángeles

Ángeles Carreres's interests lie in the fields of translation and language learning. She is co-editor of two special issues focusing on the role of translation in language learning. Ángeles is also interested in the interplay between translation and philosophy.

Maya Feile Tomes

Feile Tomes, Maya

Maya's research revolves around the literary culture of the early modern Iberian world, focusing on transatlantic dialogues, multilingual dynamics (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin), and classical reception; she also has a special interest in translation.

Louise M Haywood

Haywood, Louise M

Louise Haywood's research interests lie in medieval Iberian literature and culture. Current work is on authority, truancy and humour in fourteenth-century Iberian culture and the poetics of vision and scholastic psychology in fifteenth-century literary culture. Other interests include the representation (modern and medieval) of the three faiths of medieval Iberia and feminist approaches to medieval culture.

Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá

Kogut Lessa de Sá, Vivien

Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá is interested in comparative studies in Brazilian, Portuguese and English literatures, early colonial Brazil and early modern travel writing. Her research explores sixteenth-century cultural exchanges between Europe and the New World, with a focus on interactions between England, Portugal and Brazil.

Dr Maria Noriega-Sáncheza

Noriega-Sánchez, Dr Maria

Dr Noriega-Sánchez's current research interests lie in the field of language learning and teaching, particularly in the role of translation in language learning and the use of new technologies to foster collaboration. Her publications include articles and books on language pedagogy and literary studies, as well as a number of Spanish language course books