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Part II

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Part II lasts for two years.

In your third year, you will undertake a Year Abroad, and write either a dissertation of 8,000 words or a translation project of 7,000 words. 

In your fourth year you will take two language courses ('Translation from and into the foreign language' and 'Text and Culture') and choose three other papers, in one of the following combinations:

  • one History paper, and two MMLL papers;

  • two History papers and one MMLL paper;

  • one History paper, one MMLL paper and an HML dissertation.

The list of MMLL paper(s) you can choose from is here:

The list of History papers you can choose is here: (Scroll down to 'Explore Part II'). 

You can choose from the whole range of Special Subject papers and Advanced Topics.  But please note that if you choose a Special Subject:

it will count as one paper, and you will take the written (gobbets) exam (Paper 3), and not write a Long Essay (Paper 2);

you can only take one Special Subject paper. If you wish to do a second History paper, it must be selected from the Advanced Topics. 

The word count for the HML Dissertation is 10,000 words.  

Modern Languages papers

Core language papers for French, German, Russian or Spanish (for both post-A-level and ab initio routes)

Paper No. Paper
C1 Translation from and into the foreign language
C2 Foreign language text and culture
Oral C Oral examination C

Students will take at least one of the following Modern Language papers:

History papers

Students will take at least one paper from the following range:

Paper No. Paper
4 History of political thought from c.1700 to c.1890 
5 Political Philosophy and the history of political thought since c.1890
3+ A variable number of papers on topics or comparative themes in history, as specified by the Committee of Management from those specified by the Faculty Board of History for Part II of the Historical Tripos

Click here for full details on the History papers