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Part IB

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In your second year you will study four units:

Modern Languages papers

Core language paper for post-A-level French, German, Russian or Spanish

Paper No. Paper
B3 Translation into the foreign language, and test in the foreign language through audio-visual media

Core language paper for Russian from scratch (ab initio)

Paper No. Paper
B1 Use of the Russian
B2 Translation from Russian
Oral B Oral examination B

Students will take at least one of the following Modern Language papers:

It is possible to submit two long essays of 3,500-4,000 words instead of taking a written exam in some of the language papers from Schedule A.

History papers

Students will take at least one paper from the following range:

Paper No. Paper
12 European History, 770 BC- AD69
13 European History, 31BC-AD900
14 European history, c. 900 - c. 1450
16 European History, 1450-1760
17 European History, 1715-1890
18 European History, since 1890
19 History of political thought to c.1700
20 History of political thought from c.1700 to c.1890
21 Empires and world history from the fifteenth century to the First World War
23 World History since 1914

Click here for full details on the History papers