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Linguistics Tripos

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Linguistics Tripos - List of Papers

The papers listed below are available to students taking the Linguistics Tripos during 2023-24. The list of papers offered may vary from year to year.

Papers with a hash symbol (#) at the end of the title have managed numbers (see Managed Number Papers).

Linguistics Part I

At Linguistics Part I, all students must take the following papers:

Linguistics Part IIA

All students who have taking Linguistics Part I will have a free choice of four papers from the lists below. Some papers are taught by the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (DTAL), others are taught by other Faculties or Departments ("borrowed" papers).

Students who enter the Linguistics Tripos at Part IIA having taken Part I in another Tripos will be required to take the Li1 (Sounds and words) and Li2 (Structures and meanings) papers, unless they have already done so, for example at MML Part IB.

Papers offered by DTAL:

Papers offered by other Faculties/Departments:

Linguistics Part IIB

At Part IIB, all students must take the following paper:

Student must also offer a dissertation, and two further papers from the list of papers available at Part IIA.