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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


What is Cambridge like?

A row of bicycles in Cambridge


Cambridge is a unique and historic university with an international reputation for teaching and research. Whilst some find this enticing, others may not be sure if Cambridge is the type of place for them. Yet, every year, thousands of students, from all walks of life, apply to study at Cambridge, and go on to have lasting and life-changing experiences which benefit their personal lives and careers.


What our students say


See here for questions about student life in Cambridge.

Be Cambridge

Be Cambridge is a site that is dedicated to showing prospective applicants what Cambridge is really like. It casts aside the university's reputation and deals with the stories and experiences of genuine students from across the country, and from very different backgrounds, who have applied for and gone on to study at Cambridge. The site also explains the application process.


Reel Students

Watch the stories of four MML (Modern and Medieval Language) freshers as they move to Cambridge.

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Student Podcasts

Listen to some student podcasts, featuring current students in the German section. These recordings cover a range of topics from tips on language interviews, choosing a college, and what it's like to learn a language from scratch to experiences from the Year Abroad and writing dissertations.


How to Apply