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Language and Linguistics

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics



Henriette Hendriks

Hendriks, Henriette

Henriette's research interests are: First and Second Language acquisition; Cognitive Linguistics; Multilingualism and Cognitive Flexibility; Reference to Person, Space and Time.

Napoleon Katsos

Katsos, Napoleon

Napoleon Katsos is interested in how experimental research in language acquisition and processing can inform theoretical linguistic inquiry and vice versa. His particular focus is in the area of semantics and pragmatics, especially implicature, presupposition and quantification.

Brechtje Post

Post, Brechtje

Brechtje’s research draws on phonetics, phonology, language  psychology, language acquisition and cognitive neuroscience to gain insight into the way in which linguistic systems exploit speech sound to encode different types of meaning. Her main focus is on speech prosody (intonation, accentuation, rhythm, and phrasing).

Ianthi Tsimpli

Tsimpli, Ianthi

Ianthi Maria Tsimpli works on language development in the first and second language in children and adults, language impairment, attrition, bilingualism, language processing and the interaction between language, cognitive abilities and print exposure.