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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Alumni testimonials

Find out about the experiences of former students, and where their degrees have taken them.

Matthew Thompson

French and Spanish;(2005-2009)

Rosie Sergeant

French and German (2015)

Mark Austin

BA in German and French 2009
MPhil in European Literature and Culture 2010

Conductor and pianist

Esther Wilkinson

German and Italian (ab initio) (2009)
MPhil (2010), European Literature and Culture

Research student in Clinical Psychology

Katherine Powlesland

BA (1991), French & Italian

PhD Student

Gillian McFarland

BA (2008), French and German

Programme Officer, United Nations Children's Fund


BA Russian and German (ab initio)

Journalistic Editor, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights


Careers and Employment