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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Staff List

MMLL Staff List

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*Please note: Faculty staff are currently working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The best way to get in touch at this time is via email. Thank you for your patience - we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are looking for general Faculty or Subject Area contact details rather than specific individuals, please use the generic information given under Contact Us.

The list below contains details for everyone in the Faculty, but you may prefer to consult the shorter Subject Areas or Section staff lists, available as follows:

Subject Areas staff lists

French / German / Modern Greek / Italian / Theoretical and Applied Linguistics / Slavonic Studies / Spanish & Portuguese

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Name Department College Email Phone
Alexopoulou, Dr Dora Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67392
Ammon, Dr Matthias Faculty Library (7) 62896
Antonello, Dr Pierpaolo Italian St John's College (3) 37711
Azérad, Dr Hugues French Magdalene College (3) 35049


Name Department College Email Phone
Baker, Dr Jim Theoretical & Applied Linguistics  
Baranski, Prof Zygmunt Italian Murray Edwards College  
Bell, Ms Caroline Postgraduate Coordinator (6)0355
Bennett, Professor Wendy Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Murray Edwards College (7) 62243, (7) 60800
Biberauer, Dr Theresa Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Churchill (7) 63062
Bill, Dr Stanley Slavonic Studies Sidney Sussex College (3) 35016
Bingham, Ms Alison Postgraduate Office (3) 35044
Birch, Dr Edmund French Churchill and Selwyn (3) 35824
Blaxter, Dr Tam Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Gonville and Caius  
Boitani, Dr Giulia French  
Boswell, Rosalind Outreach Coordinator (3)35042
Boyde, Prof Patrick Italian St. John's College (3) 38748
Brevet, Dr Anne-Laure French Trinity Hall

(5) 60660

Brown, Mrs Cristiana Italian (7) 60815
Brown, Dr E. Keith Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Pembroke College  
Brundin, Prof Abigail Italian St. Catharine's College (3) 38305
Bunyan, Dr Anita German Gonville & Caius College (3) 32427
Burgwinkle, Prof Bill French King's College (3) 31251
Buttery, Dr Paula Computer Lab/Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Gonville & Caius College (7) 63832
Byrnes, Ms Lauren Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages (7) 60375


Name Department College Email Phone
Cacho, Dr Rodrigo Spanish and Portuguese Clare College (3) 33260
Caffaratti, Dr Hugo Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (3) 35011
Caines, Dr Andrew Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60812
Cameron, Dr Bryan Spanish and Portuguese Selwyn College (7) 69245
Camozzi Pistoja, Dr Ambrogio Italian (7) 64567
Carlsson Browne, Mr Edward AHSS REF Admin Team (3)35036
Carreres, Dr Angeles Spanish and Portuguese Selwyn College (3) 35028
Cavalli, Dr L Italian (3) 35038
Chesters, Dr Tim French Clare College (3) 33271
Chinca, Dr Mark German Trinity College (3) 38542, (7) 67355
Clemente, Marie-Christine French  
Cobby, Anne French  
Collier, Prof Nigel Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67356
Colvin, Prof Sarah German Jesus College (7) 64881
Conde, Dr Maite Spanish and Portuguese Jesus College (3) 39428
Cross, Professor Anthony Slavonic Studies Fitzwilliam College (3) 32046
Crowley, Dr Martin French Queens' College (3) 35576, (3) 35042


Name Department College Email Phone
Darlow, Dr Mark French (3) 34947
Davey, Dr Emanuela Italian Murray Edwards College (7) 63800
Davis, Dr Stuart Spanish and Portuguese Girton (3) 38954
Deuchar, Dr Margaret Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67394
Dmytryk, Ms Olenka Faculty Library (7)62899
Domenici, Dott. Claudia Italian Girton College (3) 35035
Douglas, Dr Jamie Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Drayton, Ms Katrina Section Secretary, TAL  
Duong, Mrs Huyen Tham Section Secretary, German, Spanish & Portuguese



Name Department College Email Phone
Eagar, Mrs Erna German (3) 35056
Edwards, Ms Samantha Spanish & Portuguese  
Epps, Prof Brad Spanish and Portuguese King's College (7) 61820, (3)35015
Evans, Anna Postgraduate Office (3) 35052
Evans, Dr Georgina French St John's College (3) 30264


Name Department College Email Phone
Fanlo, Dr Isaias Spanish & Portuguese Fitzwilliam College  
Feile Tomes, Dr Maya Spanish & Portuguese  
Fernandes, Mrs Hélène Faculty Library (3)35014
Filimonova, Dr Elena Slavonic Studies Selwyn College (7)62883
Finch, Prof Alison French Churchill College (7)47473
Finnin, Dr Rory Slavonic Studies Robinson College (7)60824
Fogarasi, Ms Reka Faculty Accounts


Fonseca, Dr Carlos

Spanish and Portuguese Trinity College  
Franklin, Mrs Natasha Slavonic Studies Sidney Sussex College (3)35061
Franklin-Brown, Dr Mary French Christ's College (3)34930
Frohnwieser, Dr Anna Research Administrator (on maternity leave)  


Name Department College Email Phone
Gagne, Dr Christophe French Churchill College (3) 35049, (3)36200
Giannakopoulou, Dr Liana Modern Greek Section (3) 35043
Gilby, Dr Emma French Sidney Sussex College (7) 60801
Gill, Dr Miranda French Jesus College (7)65089
Glaumaud-Carbonnier, Dr Marion French Wolfson College  
Goff, Dr Sam Slavonic  
González Jové, Mrs Silvia Spanish & Portuguese Corpus Christi College (7) 60811
Gordon, Professor Robert Italian, Faculty Co-chair Gonville & Caius College (3) 35426
Gopal, Dr Deepthi Theoretical & Applied Linguistics  
Graham, Dr Calbert Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60812
Green, Dr Daniel Slavonic  
Griffin, Dr Miranda French St Catharine's College (3) 38307


Name Department College Email Phone
Halbout, Ms Anne-Hélène Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60356
Hammond, Prof Nicholas French (3) 35022
Haywood, Dr Louise Spanish and Portuguese Trinity Hall College (3) 32522
Hendriks, Professor Henriette Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Lucy Cavendish College (7) 67383
Holton, Professor David Modern Greek Selwyn College (3) 35869
Howard, Dr Paul Italian Trinity College  
Howlett, Dr Jana Slavonic Studies Jesus College (3) 39492


Name Department College Email Phone


Name Department College Email Phone
James, Dr Ian French Downing College (3) 34852, (7) 60809
Jaszczolt, Professor Kasia Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Newnham College (3) 35744
Jenkala, Ms Marta Slavonic Studies (3) 35007
Jones, Professor Mari French Peterhouse (3) 30859


Name Department College Email Phone
Kant, Dr Marion German Pembroke College (3) 35037
Kantaris, Dr Geoffrey Spanish and Portuguese, Faculty Co-chair St Catharine's College (3) 38312, (3) 35393
Karousou Fokas, Dr Regina Modern Greek (3) 35043
Kartsaklis, Dr Dimitrios Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Katsos, Dr Napoleon Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67396
Khalfa, Dr Jean French Trinity College (3) 38468
Kingman, Dr John Slavonic Studies (3) 31733
Kirillova, Irina Slavonic Studies Newnham College  
Kirkpatrick, Prof Robin (retired) Italian Robinson College (3) 39151
Kogut Lessa de Sá, Dr Vivien Spanish and Portuguese (7) 60820
Kolkenbrock, Dr Marie German (7) 60814
Korhonen, Dr Anna Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67389
Kügeler-Race, Mrs Simone German St John's College (3) 35062
Künzl-Snodgrass, Ms Annemarie German Jesus College (3) 35017


Name Department College Email Phone
Larsen, Dr Susan Slavonic Studies Fitzwilliam College  
Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Dr Dimitra Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Ledgeway, Professor Adam Italian Downing College (3) 34832, (3) 35046
Lee, Dr Charlotte German Murray College (7) 62205
Leigh, Dr John French Fitzwilliam College (3) 32099
Lin, Ms Jill Year Abroad Office

(3) 35008
Lisboa, Professor Maria Manuel Spanish and Portuguese St John's College (3) 38641
Llop Naya, Dr Ares Spanish and Portuguese Fitzwilliam College



Name Department College Email Phone
Maguire, Dr Geoffrey Spanish and Portuguese Murray Edwards College and Peterhouse (3) 35005
Mander, Dr Jenny French Newnham College (3) 35807
Marks, Romaine

Slavonic, Italian & Modern Greek Studies

(7) 35007
Martín, Dr Txuss Spanish and Portuguese  
Matthews, Prof Peter Theoretical and Applied Linguistics St John's College   (3) 38768
McDougall, Dr Kirsty Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Clare College (7) 60822
McGill, Emily Postgraduate Office  
McGillivary, Dr Barbara Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
McGlade, Dr Rhiannon Spanish and Portuguese  
McIntyre, Ms April Assistant Faculty Manager (3) 35018
McKendrick, Prof (Emerita) Melveena Spanish and Portuguese Girton College  
McLaughlin, Dr Emily French Christ's College  
McMahon, Dr Laura French Gonville & Caius College  
McNeill, Dr Isabelle French Trinity Hall College (3) 32509
Meelen, Dr Marieke Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Mentchen, Ms Silke German Magdalene College (3) 35017
Moriarty, Professor Michael French Peterhouse (3) 38254, (3) 35767
Mukhida, Dr Leila German  
Műller, Lisa-Maria Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60354
Murfin, Alison Faculty Accounts

(3) 35030


Name Department College Email Phone
Neumann, Dr Annja German Magdalene College (7) 60814
Nikiporets-Takigawa, Dr Galina Slavonic Studies (3) 35023
Noriega-Sánchez, Dr María Spanish and Portuguese Sidney Sussex College (7) 60804
Nowosielska, Ms Edyta Slavonic Studies (3) 35007


Name Department College Email Phone
O'Bryen, Dr Rory Spanish and Portuguese King's College

For UTEO-related matters:

(3) 31676
O'Byrne, Dr Darren German (7) 63059
O'Neill, Ms Sandra Year Abroad Office

(3) 35008
Oksuz, Dogus Theoretical & Applied Linguistics  
Olmedilla Herrero, Dr Carmen Spanish and Portuguese St John's College (7) 60811
Ozturk, Dr I Ozge Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60356


Name Department College Email Phone
Page, Dr Joanna Spanish and Portuguese Robinson College (3) 35394
Palmer, Ms Esther Secretary of French (3) 35009
Parker, Miss Melanie

Spanish & Portuguese, German

Disability Officer

(3) 35005
Parodi, Dr Teresa Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67387
Peña Calvo, Dr Alicia Spanish and Portuguese (7) 60811
Pérez, Dr Ana Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67357
Perkins, Mina Faculty Office

Peverini, Mrs Claudia Italian St Catharine's College (7) 60801
Pevny, Dr Olenka Slavonic Studies (3) 35055
Phillips-Robins, Dr Helena Italian  
Pilehvar, Dr Taher Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Plunkett, Rachel Faculty Manager and Secretary of the Faculty Board (3) 35991
Polgovsky, Dr Mara Spanish & Portuguese Queens' College (7) 69377
Polonsky, Dr Rachel Slavonic Studies Murray Edwards College (7) 67394
Post, Prof Brechtje Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Jesus College (7) 67395, (7) 64952
Prendergast, Prof Christopher French King's College (3) 55051
Price, Dr Emily Kate French Robinson College  


Name Department College Email Phone
Qadiri, Dr Sura French St Catharine's College (7) 63313


Name Department College Email Phone
Reich, Dr Rebecca Slavonic Studies Jesus College (3) 35007
Rhodes, Dr John David Italian Corpus Christi College (3) 39391
Richardson, Dr Kylie Slavonic Studies Trinity Hall College (3) 35007
Roberts, Prof Ian Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Downing College (3) 34834, (3) 35048
Rohner, Dr Stephanie Spanish and Portuguese Christ's College

Ruehl, Dr Martin German (7) 64446
Ruprecht, Dr Lucia German Emmanuel College (3) 30197


Name Department College Email Phone
Sanson, Prof Helena Italian Clare College (3) 33204
Schifano, Ms Norma Italian (7) 63060
Schmidt, Dr Elaine Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Schneider, Dr Anna Slavonic Studies  
Schuery, Mr Felipe Spanish and Portuguese Magdalene College (7) 63145
Sileo, Dr Roberto Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Jesus  
Silvestri, Dr Giuseppina Italian (7) 63060
Sinclair, Prof (Emerita) Alison Spanish and Portuguese Clare College (3) 33262
Sitaridou, Dr Ioanna Spanish and Portuguese Queens' College 

(3) 31943
Smytsniuk, Mr Andrii Slavonic (7) 60824


Name Department College Email Phone
Tilby, Dr Michael French Selwyn College (3) 35882
Thomas, Julia Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 63062
Tonneau, Dr Olivier French Homerton College  
Tsareva-Brauner, Ms Vera Slavonic Studies (3) 31733
Tsimpli, Prof. Ianthi Maria Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 60809


Name Department College Email Phone


Name Department College Email Phone
Vaux, Dr Bert Theoretical and Applied Linguistics King's College (3) 31649
Via Rivera, Mrs Marian Faculty Library (7) 62897
Viglione, Mr Marco


Slavonic Studies

de Vincent-Humphreys, Mrs Maren German Gonville and Ciaus College (7) 60844
Vulić, Dr Ivan Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  


Name Department College Email Phone
Walker, Dr Geoffrey (retired) Spanish and Portuguese Fitzwilliam College   (3) 32000
Walsh, Ms Jane Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67397
Ward, Dr Chris (retired) Slavonic Studies (3) 35021
Watts, Dr Sheila German Newnham College (3) 35816
Webb, Dr Heather Italian (7) 60803
Webber, Prof Andrew German Churchill College (3) 36211, (3) 35018
Weiss-Sussex, Dr Godela German King's College (3) 31328
Whaley, Professor Joachim German Gonville and Caius College (3) 32454
White, Dr Claire French Girton College (7) 60182
White, Prof Nicholas French Emmanuel College (3) 31972
Widdis, Prof Emma Slavonic Studies Trinity College (3) 37568, (3) 35020
Williams, Dr John Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (7) 67386
Wilson, Prof Emma French Corpus Christi College (3) 38065
Withey, Michael Italian and Greek (3) 35038
Womack, Dr James Spanish and Portuguese Fitzwilliam (7) 67121
Woodford, Dr Charlotte German Selwyn College (3) 35858


Name Department College Email Phone


Name Department College Email Phone
Young, Prof Christopher German Pembroke College (3) 38144, (7) 67355


Name Department College Email Phone
Zanon, Dr Ksenia Slavonic Christ's College  
Zerka, Dr Doriane German