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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Abhimanyu Sharma

Image of Dr Abhimanyu Sharma
Teaching Associate in German Linguistics
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics
Contact details: 

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics
Raised Faculty Building
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
United Kingdom


Abhimanyu Sharma graduated with a PhD in linguistics from the University of Cambridge in 2019. His doctoral thesis was on language policies of the EU and India. He worked as Assistant Professor in German Linguistics at JNU, New Delhi from 2019 to 2022. Prior to his PhD, he did an MA in German Linguistics from the University of Bern and a double degree MA from Bremen and Palermo in Medieval German Literature.

He is currently working as Teaching Associate in German Linguistics at Cambridge. He is also the Communications Secretary of BAAL’s Language Policy Special Interest Group.

Teaching interests: 
  • German Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics (applied and variationist)
  • Academic Writing
Research interests: 
  • Language Policy
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Language and Power
  • Raciolinguistics
  • Language and Law
Published works: 

Sharma, A. (2022). Reconceptualising Power in Language Policy. Evidence from Comparative Cases. Springer (Language Policy Series, Vol. 30). 



Sharma, A. 2023. ‘DaF, COVID-19 and newer technologies: Experiences from an Indian University’, in Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German. DOI: 

Sarangi, A. & Sharma, A. 2022. 'Language Policy and Federalism in Independent India.' in Forum of Federations, Occasional Paper Series No. 58.  

Sharma, A. 2021. ‘Whither the Irish Language Act? Language Policies in Northern Ireland’, in Current Issues in Language Planning, 22(3), 308-327.

Sharma, A. 2020. ‘Power, Ideology and Language Policies in Scotland’, in European Journal of Language Policy, 12(2), 163-191.

Sharma, A. 2020. ‘English as a Facilitator of Social Mobility in India’, in English Today.