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Staff in German

Staff teaching and researching in German

The list below links to details about members of staff teaching German; general enquiries should be addressed to

For a quick summary of staff specialist interests see the overview of teaching and research areas.

For details about others in the Faculty, see How to Contact us for general enquiries, or the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals.

Academic Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Britten, Mr Robert Teaching Associate  
Bunyan, Dr Anita College Teaching Officer (3) 32427
Chinca, Prof Mark Professor in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature (3) 38542
Colvin, Prof Sarah

Head of German Section, 

Schröder Professor of German (7) 64881
de Vincent-Humphreys, Mrs Maren Language Teaching Officer  
Dora, Mrs Daniela DAAD-Lektorin (3) 35037
Galasso, Dr Stephanie Schröder Research Associate  
Hoegger, Mr Paul Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35058
Kant, Dr Marion Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35037
Kügeler-Race, Dr Simone Affiliated lecturer (7) 65527
Künzl-Snodgrass, Ms Annemarie Affiliated lecturer (3) 35017
Lee, Dr Charlotte University Associate Professor (7) 62205
Lentfort, Mrs Theresa DAAD-Lektorin  
Mentchen, Ms Silke Senior Language Teaching Officer (3) 35017
Mukhida, Dr Leila University Assistant Professor (3) 39437
Neumann, Dr Annja Research Associate (7) 60814
O'Byrne, Dr Darren Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer (7) 63059
Ruehl, Dr Martin University Associate Professor (7) 64446
Watts, Dr Sheila University Associate Professor (3) 35816
Webber, Professor Andrew J. Professor of Modern German and Comparative Culture (3) 36211
Weiss-Sussex, Dr Godela College Lecturer (3) 31328
Windsor, Dr Tara Schröder Research Associate  
Woodford, Dr Charlotte College Lecturer and Newton Trust Lecturer (3) 35858
Young, Prof Chris Professor of Modern and Medieval German Studies (currently Head of the School of Arts and Humanities) (3) 38144
Zerka, Dr Doriane Leverhulme Early Career Fellow  

Postdoctoral Affiliates

Name Role Email Phone
Messing-Marcus, Anat Postdoctoral Affiliate  
Langone, Dr Laura Postdoctoral Affiliate     

Professional Services Staff

Name Role Email Phone

Parker, Ms Melanie

Hunt, Dr Rosanna

Section Coordinator

Section Secretary (7) 67354

 Retired Members of Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Boyle, Prof Nicholas Emeritus Schröder Professor (3) 35062
Guthrie, Dr John Senior College Lecturer (retired) (7) 62268
Midgley, Prof David Emeritus Professor of German Literature and Intellectual History (3) 38779
Minden, Dr Michael Reader in Modern German Literature and Culture, Retired (3) 39437
Paulin, Prof Roger Emeritus Schröder Professor of German (3) 38574
Stewart, Dr Mary University Senior Lecturer, Retired (3) 39155
Strietman, Elsa University Senior Lecturer, Retired (3) 35037
Eagar, Mrs Erna Affiliated Lecturer for Dutch, Retired  
Whaley, Prof Joachim Professor of German History and Thought (3) 32454