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GE6: Modern German Culture (2): 1890 - the Present Day

This paper is available for the academic year 2020-21.

This new paper was introduced in October 2014. The paper consists of five or six modules, with free choice between these for the examination paper. The paper is designed to encourage contextual and interdisciplinary study, and the modules include historical documents, thought (philosophy, psychoanalysis), film and visual art, alongside a set of literary texts by key authors from across the period.


For module descriptions and reading lists, please see "Preparatory Reading" below.  

  • Sexuality and the Unconcious
  • Transformations of the German National Idea 1890-1989
  • Gender and Austrian Writing
  • Contemporary German Memory Work: Text and Image
  • Transnational Texts: Turkish-German Literature and Film of the 1990s-2000s


Preparatory reading: 

For module descriptions and reading lists, please click here

Teaching and learning: 

There will be three lectures for each of the modules. Supervisions will normally be timed to fit with the lecture schedule. Students will be expected to study four of the five or six modules through essay work, with two supervisions for three of these and one for the fourth, plus up to three revision supervisions (i.e. a total of up to ten hours of supervision over the year).

For the Ge.6 Moodle site, please see here. The password can be collected from the paper coordinator. 


The paper will be assessed through a standard three-hour examination paper. In the exam, students will be expected to answer three questions, each relating to a different module. For each module there will be a choice between two questions. 


Assessment by long essay instead of the written examination is available on this paper.

Course Contacts: 
Professor Andrew Webber