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Cultural Production & Social Justice


Project description



Cultural Production and Social Justice was founded as a research group in 2019. It explores the roles of the arts and humanities in creating a sustainable, because ethical, societal future. It is an “umbrella” project that critically examines, via a series of specific individual and collaborative research projects, the relationship between artistic production such as film, novels, poetry, performance, and social, legal, and epistemic justice.

Opportunistic cultural production can shore up prejudice and further injustice. But artistic work can also open out new perspectives that destabilize prejudices and reveal new possibilities. What is the overlap of politics, ethics, and aesthetics?

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We welcome contact from colleagues and graduate students, in and outside the University of Cambridge. To get in touch, email: and follow us on X/Twitter @cpsjcam

Cultural Production and Social Justice was established with the support of the Cambridge Schröder Fund. Associated projects have been funded by the University of Bayreuth Humboldt Centre, by a LMU-Cambridge Strategic Partnership award, and by UKRI Innovate Horizon Europe Guarantee, for the Horizon Europe project Cartography of the Political Novel in Europe (CAPONEU).


Latest News

Leila Mukhida featured in 50th-anniversary issue of flagship German Studies journal

22 November 2023

Choose Your Own Adventure explores new avenues for critical practice in film viewing

Professor Weiss-Sussex rescues 80-year-old masterpiece written by German Jewish novelist

7 November 2023

Professor Godela Weiss-Sussex, Fellow in German at King’s College, has just published Die daheim blieben (Those Who Stayed at Home) by the German-Jewish author, Georg Hermann. The novel , which was left unfinished at the time of Hermann’s death in Auschwitz and brought to light in remarkable circumstances, concerns the...

Annual Schröder Lecture 2023

31 October 2023

The Schröder Lecture 2023 was entitled, 'What is the Place of Prison in Democracies? A Conversation with Annelie Rambsbrock and Sarah Colvin'.

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