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Recent PhD Graduates in German


Name College Research Topic Conferral Year Supervisor
Heide Baumann Lucy Cavendish Public and personal female identity narratives in Germany and Britain: Stories we tell to ourselves and of ourselves. 2021 Prof Sarah Colvin
Emma Corteen Trinity Hall The assignment of grammatical gender in German 2019 Dr Sheila Watts
Nicholas Courtman Jesus Time for Work: Ideologies, Histories and Representations of Work and Labour in German-language Literature since the 'Strukturbruch' 2021 Prof Andrew Webber
Rafael Dernbach King's How classical documentary method have been appropriated by fictional formats and documentary filmmakers react to it.  The question how an Other can be depicted, how film can still be a 'window to the world 2019 Prof Andrew Webber
Maria Khan St Edmund's The social identity of Turkish-German secondary school students in Berlin through an encounter with Goethe’s Faust. 2021 Dr Charlotte Lee
Laura Langone Trinity Hall German Buddhism from Schopenhauer to Nietzsche Submitted Dr Martin Ruehl
Anat Messing Marcus Trinity Hall

Spatialisation of Time: Temporalisation of Space: Architectural images and figures of ruins. 

2020 Prof Andrew Webber
Christoph Pretzer Corpus Christi The function of fictional elements in medieval chronicles 2018 Dr Mark Chinca
Pavlo Shopin Clare Metaphors for language and creative writing in Herta Muller 2017 Prof Sarah Colvin
Isabelle Zirden Clare Hall Contradictions of the 'I': The critique of capitalism, feminist selfhood and authorship in post-2000 plays by Jelinek and Röggla 2021  


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