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The library staff in both MMLL and the UL are always willing to help with any queries or problems you may have.

College Libraries vary in the provision they make for German books. College librarians are, however, usually willing to buy books on student recommendation when supported by a member of the Section or the Director of Studies. The Beit Library, a special collection of 15,000 volumes (located in the MMLL library) contains much specialist material.

The MMLL library

The MMLL Library is well stocked with essential texts. For more information, please visit the library website.

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The Beit Library

The Beit Library (in the MMLL Library) is especially strong on the history of the German language, the classical period (esp. Goethe) and on the nineteenth century. It also contains a major reference section which has works like Goedeke, Grimm, ADB, Killy, Verfasserlexikon. The Beit has quite a number of titles not in the UL and it is essential to check its holdings in conjunction with the UL collection. Some Colleges have important German collections (notably Trinity), some of which are on database.

The University Library (UL)

There are introductory tours of the University Library at the beginning of each academic year.


The University Library has excellent stocks in German subject areas. It has one of the major collections in German studies in the country.

The UL also has special collections in German. It holds incunables (pre-1500 imprints) published in Germany. There is a significant collection of printed dissertations from German universities, and a small collection of 'Schulprogramme'. The volumes of the Acton collection are particularly strong on political history and culture in the nineteenth century. The Schnitzler archive contains about one third of Arthur Schnitzler's manuscript papers and is being digitised. The Stefan Heym archive holds Heym's entire papers and a complete collection of his printed works. Other collections are the Bach collection (mainly German and Austrian texts 1900-1930), the Hunter-Alpine library of works on psychiatry, the Library of the Society for Psychical Research, special collections on World War One and on the Nazi period, the Bible Society Library, and a complete set of the illustrated volumes of the Insel Bücherei.

The Language Centre

General information

Specific to German

For language teaching the German Section shares resources with the Language Centre which has large stocks of audio and visual material. Students can access German broadcast material from ARD and DW at the Independent Learning Centre.

Just in Time Grammar is an online application, developed within the Faculty, to help basic and intermediate students brush up their command of German grammar. If you have a Raven password you can access the site here.

Computer-aided Language Learning (CALL)

General information

The Faculty has a well equipped CALL facility (Computer Aided Language Learning) in the South Wing of the Raised Faculty Building. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the resources there as early as possible in your first year.

Internet Resources

This list of links to sites are specially recommended to students of German.

Films and Videos

The MMLL Library has a large collection of German films. These can be useful in language learning as well as for the formal study of film topics within the Tripos.

Latest News

The Section announces the appointment of Dr Tara Talwar Windsor

11 May 2021

The Section is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Tara Talwar Windsor, currently at Birmingham, to a Schröder Research Associate position in Equality and Diversity in German Studies. Tara, who joins us on 1 September, will be working on ‘Creative Writers, Postmigrant Politics and the German Public Sphere’ in...

Melina Mandelbaum publishes article with OUP

30 April 2021

The Section warmly congratulates PhD student Melina Mandelbaum for her publication of an article with the Forum for Modern Language Studies , winner of the Forum prize, which has been published by OUP. The article can be found here , and the abstract has been pasted below. Abstract : Once an international best-seller but...

MMLL German at the Cambridge Festival

18 March 2021

We are pleased to share the upcoming workshop, 'Trail Poetry' by Daniela Dora at the Cambridge Festeival on Sunday 28 March.

Applying to Cambridge

Information for prospective applicants thinking of studying German at Cambridge.

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Cambridge Online German for Schools

Cambridge Online German for Schools (COGS) is a core element of the Cambridge German Network

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