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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Polyglossia Magazine


Polyglossia is the magazine of the Cambridge University Languages and Culture Society (CULCS). It brings together all the linguists of Cambridge University, and also anyone with an interest in foreign languages, history, literature, music, food and culture as a whole.

As a society, we aim to provide a lively extra-curricular environment, whether that be social, careers based or through our magazine. Working closely with the faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, we want to continually strengthen our presence, and give great opportunities to our membership in the faculty and beyond.

The magazine is put together by the Polyglossia team in order to celebrate the interest across the university in foreign languages and culture, and to spark discussions about language, culture, history, literature, and translation. We hope through these articles to inspire a passion for language and for the beauty of different cultures, as they work individually, but also together.

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