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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Beginners Course: Portuguese

What will your first-year Portuguese studies look like?

The first year of the ab initio Portuguese course is intended to introduce you to the basics of the Portuguese language (in papers PGA1 and PGA2), as well as to the interdisciplinary study of Lusophone Literature (paper PGA3).

The ab initio course is designed to take you from scratch (or GCSE) to A-level standard in the space of eight months (October-May). This is roughly the equivalent of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The course is, therefore, very intensive. As well as language skills, the course also aims to offer you an introduction to Portuguese Speaking Countries literature and to help you develop the close-reading and translation skills you will need in the course of your studies here.

You will attend classes and small-group supervisions for language work as well as lectures and supervisions for your work on cultural and literary topics.

Language work

You will be attending three weekly classes in Michaelmas Term:

  • Use of Portuguese (2 hours)
  • Grammar Supervision (1 hour)
  • Oral supervision (1 hour)

Teaching provision for paper PGA3 consists of 8 weekly lectures in Lent and 4 supervisions overall in either Lent or Easter.


Ponto de Encontro, Second Edition - Portuguese As a World Language, Clemence Jouet-Pastre, Pearson

Recommended reference works:

  • Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar – A Practical Guide, John Whitlam, Routledge
  • Vamos lá começar, Leonel Melo Rosa, Edições Técnicas Lidel (European Portuguese)
  • Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa -
  • Introduction to Lusophone Literature: Paper PGA3