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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023

The Faculty welcomes applications for British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships. The aim of the British Academy in making these awards is to offer opportunities for outstanding early career researchers to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment. The primary emphasis is on completion of a significant piece of publishable research, which will be assisted by full membership of an academic community of established scholars working in similar fields.

In 2023, the University is not conducting an internal selection process, therefore, the Faculty will not be holding an internal ranking process this year. However, as BA PF applications require a Head of Department statement, the Faculty will keep track of all applications.

Potential applicants should identify a suitable mentor and discuss the project with their mentor, after which they submit a letter of support from the mentor and a short paragraph explaining the project to the Research Administrator (, so that the Faculty can then provide the Departmental statements and the X5s. Even though the Outline Stage does not require detailed costings, we still need to submit an outline X5 costing to the Research Office as confirmation of Faculty approval.

Please note that the AHSS School Research Facilitators will provide feedback on select applications. Due to a finite capacity for providing detailed feedback on forthcoming proposals across all Schools, this will be limited to the first 20 people from all Schools who express an interest in receiving feedback on their application to the BA Postdoctoral Fellowships call. If interested in receiving such feedback on your draft, please email with an expression of interest by 1st September 2023. You will be asked to send in your draft by 11th September, allowing you to receive the feedback in time for submission 02 October to the ROO and 04 October to the BA.

More information on the call for applications, including full eligibility criteria, can be found on the British Academy website.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Administrator.


News and Research Opportunities

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6 September 2022

The MMLL Faculty welcomes applications from potential applicants for the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship Scheme 2023.

Professor Anna Elsner wins European Research Council Starting Grant

9 February 2022

Assistant Professor Anna Magdalena Elsner of French Literature and Culture at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. Professor Anna Elsner is a former MPhil and PhD (2011) student at the University...

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2021-22

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Simon Franklin's book, The Russian Graphosphere, awarded prestigious book prize.

19 November 2020

The Slavonic Section are delighted to congratulate Simon Franklin on his newest book, The Russian Graphosphere, 1450-1850 (Cambridge University Press, 2019), being awarded the prestigious University of Southern California Book Prize in Literary and Cultural Studies.

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