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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Postgraduate Study in MMLL

Postgraduate Studies in MMLL

We are a large but closely-knit Faculty whose mission is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education led by research of the highest quality. Our academic staff are leaders in world-class scholarship and teaching, who research in four core areas: linguistics, film and screen studies, history and thought, and literary and cultural studies.

Researchers in the Faculty work on all these aspects of modern languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, with medieval languages ranging from Occitan and Old English to Gothic and Old Church Slavonic. The Faculty currently has approximately 100 MPhil students and 190 doctoral students, and a wide range of expertise is available within the Faculty for supervising research.

The MMLL Faculty Library offers easily accessible holdings in all our research areas, and is affiliated to the University Library, a research library of international renown. The University Language Centre services supports students and academics across the University by promoting language learning, and houses a collection of materials for language learning as well as an extensive collection of European and World Cinema on DVD.

The Faculty has a Graduate Centre with computing, study, seminar and social areas. The facilities include IT, printing, and copying resources.  We also have a dedicated Phonetics Lab, a Psycholinguistics Lab with eye-tracking and EEG.

Useful links

  • Applying to MMLL - For information about applying to be a postgraduate student in the faculty, and information on funding. 
  • Postgraduate Admissions Office - For beginning your application and practical questions regarding the application form.
  • MMLL Staff List - For a list of staff members in the faculty.

Our courses

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