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Postgraduate Committees

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MMLL Degree Committee and Graduate Studies Committee

The Degree Committee has the statutory duty for overseeing the admission, progress and examination of graduate students in the Faculty, including formal matters such as appointment of supervisors, examiners, the approval of dissertation and thesis titles, and requests for the deferral of submission and intermission. One of the most important tasks of the Degree Committee is to receive the reports of individual examiners for MPhil theses and PhD dissertations. The Degree Committee approves and awards the MPhil directly, and makes recommendations to the Board of Graduate Studies as to whether a student should or should not be awarded the degree of PhD.

The Graduate Studies Committee formulates, implements and monitors Faculty policy and procedures in relation to postgraduate education and administration in the Faculty, and provides a forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of good practice at postgraduate level.

Prof Robert Gordon is Chairman of the Faculty.

Dr John Leigh is the Academic Secretary to the Degree Committee, and Director of Graduate Studies.

Meeting Dates 2019/20

DC = Degree Committee

GSC = Graduate Studies Committee

Date Venue
Wed 25 Sep 2019, 2pm (DC only) Room 336, RFB
Wed 30 Oct 2019, 10am (GSC followed by DC) Room 336, RFB
Wed 27 Nov 2019, 10am (DC Only) Room 336, RFB
Tues 14 Jan 2019, 10am (GSC followed by DC) Room 336, RFB
Tues 25 Feb 2019, 10am (GSC followed by DC) Room 336, RFB
Wed 22 April 2019, 10am (GSC followed by DC) Room 336, RFB
Wed 24 June 2019, 10am (GSC followed by DC) Room 336, RFB

Degree Committee and Graduate Studies Committee Membership and Contacts

Degree Committee 2019/20

Chair of the Faculty Board (Chair): Prof Robert Gordon

Academic Secretary to the Degree Committee (ex officio Director of Graduate Studies): Dr John Leigh

French: Prof Michael Moriarty

German & Dutch: Dr Mark Chinca

Italian / Film & Screen Studies: Dr Pierpaolo Antonello 

Slavonic Studies: Dr Olenka Pevny

Spanish & Portuguese : Dr Maite Conde

Theoretical & Applied Linguistics: Dr Napoleon Katsos

Graduate Secretary (Secretary): Miss April McIntyre

Degree Committee Contacts

Academic Secretary to the Degree Committee: Dr John Leigh

Administrative contact: Miss April McIntyre

Graduate Studies Committee 2018/19

Director of Graduate Studies (Chair): Dr Sheila Watts

GTEO French: Prof Michael Moriarty

GTEO German & Dutch: Prof Andrew Webber

GTEO Italian / Film & Screen Studies: Prof Robert Gordon 

GTEO Slavonic Studies: Dr Olenka Pevny

GTEO Spanish & Portuguese: Dr Maite Conde

GTEO ​Theoretical & Applied Linguistics: Dr Napoleon Katsos

Director of MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures: Prof Nick White

Director of MPhil in Film and Screen Studies: Dr JD Rhodes

Director of MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Prof Kasia Jaszczolt

Chair of the Faculty Board: Prof Adam Ledgeway

Administrative contact: Alison Bingham / Rachel Burgess (job share)