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Pierpaolo Antonello

Antonello, Pierpaolo

Pierpaolo's research interests are: Technology and the Arts; Bruno Munari; René Girard’s mimetic theory; Italian Science-Fiction; Ethics and political commitment in contemporary Italian culture

Stanley Bill

Bill, Stanley

Stanley Bill works on twentieth-century Polish literature and culture, and on contemporary political discourse in Poland. He has particular interests in populist discourse, postcolonial interpretations of Polish cultural and political history, the poetics of the body, religion and secularization, and Polish-Ukrainian relations. He has written on the current Polish government's approach to civil society; monism and pluralism in Polish politics (with Ben Stanley); postcolonial theory in the Polish context; legacies of Polish Romanticism; and the works of Czesław Miłosz, Bruno Schulz, and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Professor Sarah Colvin

Colvin, Prof. Sarah

Sarah’s primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of cultural production and social justice; critical race theory; epistemic injustice; narrative theory and narrative ethics; narrative criminology; prisoner writing and arts in prisons.

Martin Crowley

Crowley, Martin

Martin's research interests encompass Modern and contemporary cultures of the French-speaking world; Twentieth- and twenty-first-century French philosophy; Critical theory; Ethics and fiction; Ecocriticism; Testimony; Sexuality, embodiment, and representation; Ontologies of coexistence; Intersections of the aesthetic, the philosophical, and the political.

Stuart Davis

Davis, Stuart

Stuart’s research interests are varied. He has particular interests in memory, shame and other emotions in Hispanic literature, film and visual cultures, as well as long standing interests in canon theory, metacriticism, museum studies and representations of gender and sexuality. His current research work includes a longitudinal study of pedagogical canonicity identified through syllabi in UK universities’ Spanish departments; an article on transmission of affect in the work of artist Félix González Torres; an article on contemporary Spanish photographer Ouka Leele and her re-workings of canonical artworks.

Maren de Vincent-Humphreys

de Vincent-Humphreys, Maren

Maren's research interests are in intercultural business communication and processes of second language acquisition.

Dr Isaias Fanlo

Fanlo, Isaias

Isaias Fanlo’s research include 20th–21st centuries Iberian, Latin American and Latinx literatures and cultures; queer theory and activism; representations of race; theatre, performance and scenic arts; film media studies; and history of photography. He is currently working on different publications that address intersectional topics such as testimonial queer/trans black narratives in theatre and performance, the problematics of postforgetting in Spanish culture and politics, and drag and non-binary imaginary in contemporary Spanish visual cultures.


Robert S C Gordon

Gordon, Robert S C

Robert Gordon works on the literature, cinema and cultural history of modern Italy. He is the author or editor of 14 books, including a major study of the writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini (Pasolini. Forms of Subjectivity) and several books on the work of Primo Levi (e.g. Primo Levi's Ordinary VirtuesAuschwitz ReportThe Cambridge Companion to Primo LeviInnesti).

Professor Maria Manuel Lisboa

Lisboa, Prof. Maria Manuel

Maria's research interests are: Portuguese and Brazilian Literature from the nineteenth century to the present; the work of Paula Rego; Gender and Sexuality; National identity. Feminist Theory and New Historicism.

Geoffrey Maguire

Maguire, Geoffrey

Geoffrey's research interests are: Latin American film; queer studies; sexuality and gender studies; cinematic time and embodiment; childhood and adolescence; postmemory and cultural memory.

Laura McMahon

McMahon, Laura

Laura's research addresses connections between contemporary film and philosophy, with a particular focus on French and Francophone contexts, combined with an engagement with screen cultures across various other language areas.

Isabelle McNeill

McNeill, Isabelle

Isabelle's research interests are: Memory, cinema, media and archives; Cities, space and place on screen; Girlhood, Feminisms and media; Film theory and philosophy; Creativity, craft and praxis in academia

Leila Mukhida

Mukhida, Leila

Dr Mukhida specialises in German and Austrian visual culture, with a focus on cinema and the Frankfurt School, sound and industrial history, as well as queer and intersectional approaches to film and literature. In their research and their teaching, they advocate for diversity and decolonization in German Studies. Their book, Sensitive Subjects: The Political Aesthetics of Contemporary German and Austrian Cinema, looks to early German-language film theory in order to explore how post-1989 films by directors including Valeska Grisebach, Michael Haneke, Andreas Dresen and Elke Hauck engender a political sensitivity in viewers.


Rory O'Bryen

O'Bryen, Rory

Rory's current research explores the representation of the Magdalena River in Colombian culture between 1850 and the present day. It engages with a range of works, including mid-nineteenth-century regional romances, late nineteenth-century Afro-Colombian poetry, representations of leprosy in early twentieth-century literature, music and silent film, the ‘novela de la Violencia’ of the 1950s, and late twentieth-century engagements with narcotráfico. In doing so it uses the river as a conduit into the fragile interplay between nation-formation and global political and economic processes.


Andrew J. Webber

Webber, Andrew J.

Andrew J. Webber is Professor of Modern German and Comparative Culture. He has research and teaching interests in a wide range of German and comparative film, from the 1920s to the present day. A particular concern of his work is how film relates to psychoanalysis, the Gothic imagination, constructions of gender and sexuality, and the urban, and he has published essays on combinations of all of these.

Professor Godela Weiss-Sussex

Weiss-Sussex, Prof. Godela

Professor Godela Weiss-Sussex's main research interests lie in the culture and literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the following areas: women’s writing, the works of German-Jewish writers produced in Germany and in exile; modernism, the city in literature and the visual arts; biology and literature.

Emma Wilson

Wilson, Emma

Emma's research interests are: Contemporary Women Filmmakers in France and Italy; Women Photographers and Installation Artists; Life-writing, Intimacy, and Eroticism; Simone de Beauvoir